Devotions with Kids

A few of you have asked what we do with our kids as far as devotions and bible reading so I thought I’d share a thing or two that we do.  We are by no means great at it all.  I wish we were better.  But I do know that our kids know that we love the bible and that it trumps all else so maybe we’ve done something right?

Our boys are now 13, 11 and 10.  We’ve tried lots of different ways to ‘do’ bible with them but what we’ve found best of all is number one on here:


It’s not rocket science and we’ve found that our kids don’t really need cutesy bibles they need THE bible in doses that are age appropriate.  Though there have been some we have loved along the way.

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones  was for sure our favourite when the kids were young.  All stories lead back to God and His redemptive power.  So our kids don’t just know the story of Jonah and the Whale but rather they know that God was sovereign over all of it and he used his providential hand to orchestrate the event for his glory.  So Jonah wasn’t awesome, but God is and he uses not-so-awesome people sometimes which is so totally awesome!


We also love the Action Bible:  God’s Redemptive Story  by Sergio Cariello for when kids are at that comic book age.  (8-11 ish?)  The illustrations are fantastic especially for boys I would assume, though that’s based on my knowledge of only mothering that gender.  The stories are accurate and easily read and it makes the bible super exciting for young boys.  As it should be!  I mean, there are battles and swords and really epic adventures.  The bible should not be a boring read, people!


We use the message as a back up bible when we’re having a hard time explaining something or there are words that the boys aren’t quite grasping.  It puts the scripture into street english and so it’s easily read and easily understood.

But most of all we read the ESV with them.  My husband works through it book by book with them in the evenings.  Reading every word of every chapter.  Nothing gets glossed over or skipped because it may be too much for them.  They need to know the truth.  It’s different then stopping Bambi halfway through to save them from tears.  This is scripture!

2)  Training Hearts, Teaching Minds


We LOVE this book and use it all the time in teaching our kids.  My husband will sometimes use it for night time devotions and I’ll sometimes use it in the mornings but either way they are getting a healthy dose of it week to week.    It’s a week by week breakdown of the shorter chatechism.  So it takes questions and breaks them down into little understandable chunks to read 6 days of the week.

The first question is “What is Man’s Primary Purpose?”  and then Monday – Saturday you read little writings as well as look up scripture so that by the end of the week the question is easily answered.  “To glorify God and enjoy Him forever!”

We have a few other resources but these are definitely the top choices!

Other books we’ve read and loved or used in our devotions are:

3)  Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp and David Powlison

4)  Teach Them Diligently by Louis Priolo (this one’s a game changer!)


5)  Wise Words for Moms by Ginger Plowman (every mom of anyone over 2 should own this!  So so helpful in discipline and correcting biblically!)

6)  Life Journals for Kids

As I said, there are so many resources and we’ve used/read way more than these but over and over again these are the ones we return to.  They are all completely scripture based and help us be better parents to our littles.

Do you have books or devotionals that you love doing with your kids?  I’d love to know.  

Feel free to leave it in the comments and I’ll check them out!

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