Teens + Dating {and why we don’t set an age on it}

  We’re at the phase of life with our boys where we’re talking a lot about dating.  None of them have officially entered the ‘dating scene’ but we like to preemptively chat about these topics long before we’re actually in the midst of it. We want them to have made up their minds  before they find… Continue reading Teens + Dating {and why we don’t set an age on it}

To Teach What is Good

I hear older women so unsure of themselves believing they have nothing to offer, so intimidated by the younger generation they assume want nothing to do with them. I hear younger women saying they want a mentor, to be taught, but they aren’t often willing to put in the time or give up their ways… Continue reading To Teach What is Good

Earth Day + Why It Should Matter to Christians

The earth is important. I know that might be a *duh* sort of sentence to read but if we’re honest I’d say we don’t often treat it like it is. It’s important for a few reasons. It’s our home and I don’t know about you but I think it’d be pretty great if it were… Continue reading Earth Day + Why It Should Matter to Christians

Mother’s Day + Mind Reading

I tend to be a holiday sabotager. You know the drill, right Mamas? It’s Easter and everyone should be delighted to wear their best (and most uncomfy) clothes all the live long day and simply clap with joy at the fact that they get to partake in a family photo! Yippee! Or, it’s your birthday… Continue reading Mother’s Day + Mind Reading

Priorities + Simple Changes

I don’t know how you decide on what gets priority in life but mine goes something like this.  If it’s right in front of me, that comes first. It might not always be the best philosophy but it’s simple and it seems to work for me so why mess with what’cha know.  Y’know? It’s why… Continue reading Priorities + Simple Changes

Learning to Walk in the Fog

The fog lay thick and heavy, a blanket covering the valley so densely that we couldn’t see past the ends of our very own noses.  We meandered our way to school, zig zagging as one does in the suburbs to get to our final destination.  It was slow and careful and the cars without lights… Continue reading Learning to Walk in the Fog

I’m not crafty! {succulent DIY}

I’m not really crafty, though I was told otherwise recently.  This really comes down to logistics. See, I view crafty as someone who uses a hot glue gun.  Someone who can take a pile of seemingly random objects and make it into an actual something!  Magazine clippings?  Oh look, it’s a wreath.  Popsicle sticks and… Continue reading I’m not crafty! {succulent DIY}