Oh, hello.

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Writing has always been my way.

So have overalls, sunshine and bare feet.

I like to keep things simple. Uncluttered and focused, whether it’s my house, my head, or my heart.

I’m a work in progress. A journeying sort of girl.  I write about my today’s knowing that tomorrow they could change completely.

My love affair is with my husband, Jesus, and coffee. My kids fall somewhere in there before coffee and after my husband. I most often have 3 boys. Sometimes I had 4 when we were involved in foster care. And now that we’re missionaries there are days I have 100 and  I will claim however many of them can manage to fit on my lap at once.

There are things that get me all riled up and passionate.  They make me talk louder and with my hands and i’ll probably mention some statistics from a study I just read. They’re also the things I tend to write about.

  • The forever-ness of marriage
  • The need to un-busy and unclutter
  • Homes that offer safety and love for all who enter
  • A delicious cup of coffee
  • The importance of scripture and prayer and quiet
  • The need for sharing.  Meals. Stories. Life. Stuff.  All of it.
  • Books.  All of them.  All the time.

One thought on “Oh, hello.

  1. I just re-watched “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” a few weeks ago. It’s still cool, you should still like it. And I think it’s old enough to be past the “it’s cool to like this” stage and might be entering the “you like this?” stage. I think we’ve officially crossed over into being just old! 🙂


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