Oh, hello.

Writing has always been my way.

Blogging became my tool of choice back in 2008 because pen to paper began to take too long for all I had to say. (I have a lot to say)

Weirdest thing happened when people actually started reading what I had to say!

If you’re new here I’m simply smitten that you took the time to click  and see what I’m all about.  I think it’s important that you know that I’m a work in progress, a journeying sort of girl.  I write all about my TODAY’S knowing that tomorrow they could change completely.

My love affair is with my husband, Jesus and coffee but you should probably also know that I drink hot water even though I’m under 40.  This info will keep us from having to have this conversation should I ever pop by your place and you offer me a drink.

You could also offer me salsa.  Or gummy bears.  Or dried mangos.  All of which I would accept.

If you’re feeling super fancy, go with all the cheeses and green apples!  Because, swoon.

If you lived in my ‘hood you would see me heading out to run almost daily.  I assure you this does not make me a ‘runner’ or one of those people who thinks pinning a number on their chest and entering a herd of people also wearing numbers is fun.  It’s simply my other outlet besides writing.  Cause I get antsy.  And my family can’t handle me when I’m antsy. (and all the antsy people said, Amen!)

Also, I have 3 boys and I need to make them believe that I am and always will be stronger, faster and braver than they are.  Until I’m not and then I’ll just have to let it go.  But until that happens when I roar out that it’s time for chores I need them to know I can kick their butts should the need arise.

I have some things that get me all riled up and passionate.  They are the things that I will interrupt what you’re saying to interject about.  Also, I may talk louder and with my hands when I get going about them.  If you can handle all of this then I dare you to bring them up sometime.

  • The forever-ness of marriage
  • The need to un-busy and unclutter
  • Homes that offer safety and love for all who enter
  • A delicious cup of coffee
  • The importance of scripture and prayer and quiet
  • The need for sharing.  Meals.  Stories.  Stuff.  All of it.
  • Books.  All of them.  All the time.

Below was my original “About” page and I can’t bear to delete it!  Keeping it for the archives.

I hate ‘about’ pages.

Because I’m a skeptic and a cynic I think that people just try to come up with the most obscure bands and movies and the coolest things to “like” and put them on their ‘about’ page.

So when I think about writing an ‘about’ page I get all freaked out and sit in front of the computer staring at blankness and think things like, “If I write that I like What’s eating Gilbert Grape will people believe me or will they think I’m just trying to be cool?”

And then I start to question whether I really like Gilbert Grape or if I’m hanging on to something that I once thought was cool and am afraid to venture out?

Or maybe it’s that I think it’s cool to still have a favourite movie from the early 90’s and in so doing am just trying to be obscure like everyone else on their ‘about’ page.

I think I’m going to skip this page for now.  I can’t handle the pressure!

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One thought on “Oh, hello.

  1. I just re-watched “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” a few weeks ago. It’s still cool, you should still like it. And I think it’s old enough to be past the “it’s cool to like this” stage and might be entering the “you like this?” stage. I think we’ve officially crossed over into being just old! 🙂


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