Holy is.

“If you would be holy, you must live close to Jesus.” – Dr. Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Holy is waking up with a precious child snuggled next to you in bed.

Holy is being a servant.

Holy is laughing deep belly laughs.  Together.

Holy is picking apples right off the tree with a little twist.

Holy is watching the little mouse scurry from pen to pen in the barn collecting bits of corn and stashing them in his home under the baseboard.

Holy is a cup of tea made from precisely blended leaves.

Holy is friends that send random notes to encourage.

Holy is the quiet.

Holy is having eyes to see that all that is around you is from the Creator.

Holy is the flavour of your food and the colour of, well….anything!  Because both were made by Him.

Holy is the flicker;  In an eye.  A single candle.  A memory in your mind.

Holy is friends gathered together in a living room sharing life.  The parts we live well and the parts where we’re just really dumb.

Holy is cozying up together to watch something on the small screen of an ipad.

Holy is finding shapes in the clouds and crunching leaves beneath your feet.

When we’re close to Jesus, connected to His character, living how He says we ought then all of life is holy. When we seem Him in everything, everyone, every circumstance around us, that’s holy.

I see.  I see that the nearer that I draw the more I see Him.  And the more I see Him the more content I feel in every situation.  And the more content I am in every situation the more my heart, my life, my smile is full. And the more full I am, the closer I want to draw Him in.

If you give a  mouse a cookie, I tell ya….


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