Do You Tea?

When a girl needs some help, what better place to turn than to the internet, amiright?

I kid. But she does turn to this beautiful little online community that has formed around words she never believed anyone would read. And so, my friends, I bring you a totally unimportant question that only unmasks my ignorance but reveals my willingness to learn.

I don’t know anything about tea.

I remember going in to David’s Tea the first time with a group of girlfriends who all needed their ‘fix’. I had already purchased my americano from another well known chain but I walked in with them regardless.

Upon entering, I felt immediate shame at the coffee I was holding and turned the logo of my cup around so as to be covered with my hand. Maybe they wouldn’t notice the green mermaid girl or smell the richness of the deep brew?

I lasted all of 60 seconds in there. I stared up at the menu of teas and immediately felt all hot and stuffy and like my senses were being overwhelmed at the grotesqueness of too much choice. My eyes were darting so quickly from one end of the menu to the next that my eyes couldn’t focus on a single thing. Let alone comprehend the difference between all these choices.

There’s another reason I only lasted 60 seconds, though. This one I don’t admit quite as publicly. (so what better place than the internet for the big reveal!) The place was packed with all women. There wasn’t a single man in the crowd. This heightened my senses and I wondered if it was cause for concern. What do men know that all of these women don’t? The place was awfully girlie – from the colours to the staff to the little hearts adorning the mugs that were for sale.

I bolted. I had to get out. It was all too much.

I haven’t been back since. I imagine it’s how Tim Horton’s folks might feel in Starbucks – I just want a coffee! I just sort of wanted tea. Sort of.

A few weeks ago now I was feeling lethargic and a bit – well, ugh(!) might be the best descriptor. I wasn’t sick, I was eating just fine, sure the weather has been the pits but I couldn’t pinpoint anything major that I could change to feel better.

I started googling things, as you do and the one repeat thing that wasn’t part of my life and yet kept popping up was drinking an insane amount of water. Now, hear me when I say I drink water. I do! But I think drinking water is very different then DRINKING WATER! And these people were DRINKING WATER! I googled further to find out just how much water I should be drinking in a day and I was shocked. Of course, the reports are all over the map so I just picked a number of litres that I thought would be appropriate for me and I set to conquer it each day.

Here’s what I learned. If you want to drink an appropriate amount of water each day you need to start in the morning and keep drinking aaaaallllllll day long.

I also learned that it made me crave tea. Weird, right?


So here’s where I admit my tea ignorance and ask for your help. I have SO many questions. Would you answer one or two if you have any insight?

  1. Are all teas created equal?
  2. Where do you buy tea that is actually good for you? By this I mean has ingredients that are beneficial to your health. I mean, you can buy green tea at the dollar store, at the grocery store, at the health food store, at David’s tea and then there’s another level altogether when you decide to order online. So which is actually good for you to drink?
  3. Is David’s tea the mecca for tea drinkers? I’m thinking no. Sure, they have every flavour a girl could ever want but I was altogether disappointed when I purchased a peach matcha and got it home and realized that there was sugar in it! This is not what I want mixed with my daily green obsession. So where do you get the good stuff?
  4. Do you prioritize flavour or health benefits?
  5. Which are your top 3 teas?

So far my fave that I’m drinking daily is Mighty Leaf’s Organic Detox Infusion. Of course I also love the Midnight Mint from Karla’s Special Teas.

And that’s all I’ve got! Help a girl out?


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