The Ideal Woman

11 years ago now, back when magazines called me and asked me to write stuff for them, or shoot covers for them, I received one particular call about International Women’s Day.

This magazine asked me to write a blurb about who the ideal woman is in my eyes. I was honoured then to be able to write this alongside so many differing views. I know we can argue all day long, especially today, about gender equality, about political views, about social status and whether or not we should take the day off work. But today I just want to repost what I wrote so many years ago. In a society that emphasizes so many things that really need no emphasis, this is my view.

“The ideal woman is faceless; it’s not her beauty or flaws that define her. She is formless; her shape simply doesn’t matter. Through my eyes, an ideal woman is one whose body is definitive of noble character. Her arms are strong, not for appearance’s sake, but rather so her work is accomplished diligently. Her hands are not identified by perfect nails and pushed-back cuticles but rather for her extension of them to the needy. Her mouth isn’t known for the colour of her lips but for the wisdom and faithful instruction that she speaks. Her clothes are strength and dignity.”


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