Christians: Our Canvases Aren’t Blank This New Year

It’s a new year and around these parts we were showered with a most beautiful gift on New Years Eve. This morning fresh fallen snow covers like a thick blanket over the earth. The covering of white making beautiful what only yesterday looked drab and dreary.

The bare trees now perfectly majestic. Our brown, weed filled lawn is now fluffy frosting atop the very best birthday cake. The rooftops and the streets, the little hats atop the lamp posts and the fields where we stretch our eyes beautifully fresh, gleaming white.

I peered out our windows late last night as I watched the massive flakes fall from the sky, like God’s very breath pouring out onto the land. This is it. This is redemption. The ugliness of the barren land mid-winter now covered by something so spectacular. The cracks in the driveway now covered by only perfection.

This is what Christ offers us. All of the cracked and broken parts of our lives filled and covered. The muddy places, the bare, the worn thread thin. He comes and He lays his perfect white blanket atop it all and says, what cracks? All I see is beauty. What murky, dark crevices? All I see is white. What bare and fruitless trees? I see majestic covered branches.

What messed up life? What blackened hearts? What broken relationships? What past all shady and dark? What harsh words? What addiction? What scars and bruises and gashes? You are covered. You are blanketed in love. You are gleaming white as the snow.

It can be too much to comprehend that this is how we’re seen in the eyes of our Saviour. I tend to focus on the unpretty parts, revisiting the past, playing scenarios over in my head  I’d rather not have said. But Christ looks at us and sees His Son’s righteousness. His perfection. His sacrifice and our gain from it.

This New Year there may be talk about fresh slate’s and blank canvases that are yours to fill. Fresh pages of your life to scribble on. Ponder for just a second maybe your canvas is not blank but rather one of those magical paint with water pictures. On the blank looking canvas there is already a story written for you. Pages filled with words, beautiful pictures of what your life will hold. We just can’t see it yet. But it’s there. Written for you.

This year is not a blank canvas with fresh starts, it’s an already filled story for us to find out. We simply need to splash the water of our yes’s, our willingness and our obedience to reveal the story yet to come. We need to use the brushes of our lives to walk all over this canvas, wherever He leads, to unearth the glorious picture He’s had waiting there for us all of this time.

It isn’t a new year that can offer new beginnings but Jesus. It isn’t the flip of a calendar which hands us fresh starts and clean hearts – it’s only the blood of one who loved so much. It isn’t a blank canvas for you to fill up as you please, your life is already his handiwork.

As I peered out the window last night, the snow already laying thick, my eyes filled with tears and my lips could only worship. What a beautiful tangible reminder of what He’s done for us, what He’s doing in our lives, and how foolish we are to think our paint strokes might be better than his.

They aren’t. His are the most exquisite, the most adventurous and the most life we will ever live. I pray this year my heart would be full of yes’s to the paint He’s already laid, yes’s to the words He’s already written. I pray I wouldn’t constantly be trying to change the story to gain the glory of authorship but I would know the greatest author shall get all the glory for this story already written for me.

“Come now, let us settle the matter,”
    says the Lord.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
    they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
    they shall be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18


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