Eeyore Syndrome (aka the negative child)

It didn’t matter the time of day or where we happened to be, my son’s sentences always started the same. . .

“You know what sucks, Mom?”

It could be first thing in the morning. Or tucking him into bed at night. They were often the first words escaping his mouth after school. And, any old time I was standing in the kitchen, he meandered in with the same line;“You know what sucks, Mom?” I knew I was about to find out.

I was so frustrated.

Here I was providing everything for my  child – all he could ever need, and yet, he was starting every sentence, every conversation, every moment with a negative.

Of course, I handled it like a champ – with gentleness and grace and, “OH COME ON! STOP IT! YOUR LIFE IS NOT THAT HARD!”……

I’m over on FamilyLife Canada today talking about how to combat negativity in a child. If you want to finish reading, just clickity-click right here!


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