An App to Help Manage Your Kids Devices

Years ago, women would gather on front porches or in market places and general stores and share their stories of life. As they met up with their friends I can imagine they discussed family events, favourite recipes and the things they got up to that day.

It’s different now, obviously. Gathering together to share info doesn’t always happen as much as I’d like. More often now, women work and it means that we can’t be quite as easily connected to other women as we may want to be.

It’s for this reason that I’m endlessly thankful for social media!

How else would I get to see pictures of my friends trips to Nova Scotia, Paris and Iceland? How else would I know about that amazing Thai Noodle Salad that has now become a family staple in our home? And how else would I have heard about my new favourite parenting App?

I wouldn’t have! But I’m so glad that people use this avenue to share the things they’re loving and doing! That they show me their best finds and just how cute their baby is just now, and what they’re making for dessert and that they broadcast apps that they think others should know about!

Immediately upon seeing the high praise for OurPact on social media, I looked it up. Within ten minutes I was downloading it and within 15 I was using it seamlessly!

OurPact is a parents best friend if your kids have online devices!

We’ve never let our kids have their devices with them in their rooms behind closed doors or in their beds at night. It’s just not good practice. Internet and all that it holds, in our home, is to be used in public portions of the house.

We ran into difficulty though, when our kids wanted to fall asleep listening to music or podcasts (which we totally allow!) Transferring everything to old iPods (the kind without internet access) was tedious and they no longer stayed charged long enough and it was just a pain to be doing when they had all they really wanted on their iPads already.

But, we still didn’t want them in their beds at night so, we went through the painstaking procedures.

Until now!

OurPact manages your child’s screen time, helps teach them time management by setting time parameters around internet/app use, blocks internet and apps when you want, and can be scheduled to kick in at times and on days that you choose!

And it’s simple, which is brilliant.

I quickly downloaded the app on my phone and followed the step by step instructions on how to add each of your child’s devices into your management system. Once I had each kids device set up (just a few clicks), I could set it up how I wanted it. I chose internet and apps to be blocked from 9 pm – 7 am on Sunday-Thursday, and I broadened the hours a bit for the weekends.

You can also set up a homework schedule or a dinner time schedule, so that around the hours that you set, internet and apps all (literally) disappear from your kids device.

Like, Instagram isn’t even visible anymore. But then once the time hits that you’ve set it to come back on – voila! They all appear back.

So cool.

The only thing I see us using it for right now is at night, because our kids can have their devices in bed with them to fall asleep listening to the Chronicle s of Narnia audiobooks or our church’s podcasts without us worrying about them playing games or snap chatting without us knowing.

However, if my kids were younger and less compliant than they are, I can see it being super helpful for homework/chore/dinner times as well.

Even if you just think your kids are checking their phones too often to see who uploaded a new picture in the last 2 minutes, you can schedule blocked hours so they won’t even be tempted to look. Cause Facebook isn’t there! ha

I’ve only known about it for a few hours and I’m already a fan. If you’re a parent, I suggest you check OurPact out. I’m glad I did!

**OurPact can not disable phone or text features as those are phone programs and not apps. But let’s face it, our kids don’t use iMessage to chat with their friends – only us!


One thought on “An App to Help Manage Your Kids Devices

  1. This looks like an awesome app! I only wish it would connect to Homey app, so the kids would get wifi access, when they finish their chores 😀


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