Are All Positive Changes Created Equal?

This isn’t new around here, talking health and the importance of it. I just wanted to be clear on that.

Remember this post? If you’re new around here you may want to check it out to make sure you aren’t eating one of the same ingredients that’s in embalming fluid simply by downing your morning cereal.  Yes, I’m being serious.

As a way of introduction, I’ve always been a semi-crunchy sorta girl and healthy ways and options are how I choose to live and care for my family. I know it’s not everyone’s way and it doesn’t have to be your way. But it is my way and so every now and then I come across things that I deem important enough to talk about.

I read this article today and it made me both happy and angry. Happy because yay for moves in the right direction and angry because I hate that we even have to think about this!

In case you didn’t click the link, here’s the down low. Wal-mart is asking its suppliers to remove 8 chemicals from their products in order for Wal-mart to continue carrying them.


I can give a little, teeny, tiny fist pump to that. Getting rid of formaldehyde from your make-up? That’s great. Removing Triclosan from your toothpaste and cosmetics? Fantastic.

Why? Because in animal studies,  the chemical Triclosan has been found to alter hormone regulation and formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.

Can I just say that as women, we do NOT need anything else messing up our hormones. Am I right?

And as a Mama of 3 boys, I’m also not messing with anything that might give them unhealthy doses of hormones that shouldn’t be in their body.


Even if we’re on different wavelengths in terms of life, I feel like we can agree that we wouldn’t knowingly and intentionally harm our body with things that can cause cancer or alter our hormones. Would we?

And if we would for ourselves, we at least want to guard our children, do we not?

I think there are a few things to consider when it comes to this article and the moves that Wal-Mart is making.

  1. We can applaud them for making a move and getting press on taking steps in the right direction as far as chemicals in products.
  2. They are asking companies to remove 8 ingredients. 8!  Can I remind you that the U.K. has a list of 1,400 ingredients that they’ve banned and Beautycounter has a Never List of 1,500.  So while I can slow-clap along with Wal-Mart, I’d rather yell and scream about companies that are doing WAY BETTER!_MG_2995
  3. The beauty industry is huge. It’s a money making beast and we might as well stop thinking that the people who are making the majority of the products we grab from the drugstore care about our health. They don’t. They care about profit margins.
  4. While Wal-Mart removes 8 chemicals I know we can do better. In fact, we ARE doing WAY better. I implore you to educate yourself. Know what you’re using and what’s in it. Care about your health, your kids health and the environment to boot! (checking out these apps is an easy way to inform yourself!)
  5. If I passed around a bottle of formaldehyde, would you immediately think that your face was a great place for it? No. Think about that the next time you put on foundation or powder or eyeshadow.IMG_4953

So, yay Wal-Mart? But not really. All I can assume is that our collective voices and collective dollars spent are making a difference. So let’s keep making our voices heard! And we know how our voices are heard when it comes to big business, right? It’s where we spend. So if we want changes to come and more toxic chemicals banned, if we want ingredients lists that actually contain every ingredient and if we want safer options on our supermarket shelves, then we need to let them know we want better because our families, our very bodies, deserve better.

I’m truly so thankful for companies that are making a difference. Companies like Goop, The Honest Company, Beautycounter and more. They’re making positive changes and I’m so happy to support each one of them with my dollars. Wal-Mart, you can do better than 8!  These companies are!



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