Minimalist Decor + Reclaimed Furniture

I changed jobs a few months ago and along with that came a few life changes as well. It’s not like we can just shift one major portion of our days and think everything else can just carry on as usual, right?

With the new gig, it meant that I’d be working from home for a fair amount of hours in a given week. Thankfully my kids are big and this is just fine. Mama’s who work from home with littles, you should write a book and bottle your secret solution cause I could never figure that elusive balance out!


Working from home meant some adjustments to our space. First off, though we live in the suburbs we’ve still made the choice to live (comparatively) small. We have three bedrooms for 5 people, one of which is an office for hubs who also works from home sometimes. Wanna do the math on that? Parents take one bedroom, office takes another, what’s left? 3 boys, one bedroom!

They’ve always shared though, since they were tiny little tots, and to be honest – we wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither would they. It’s what they know and it just is.


While thinking of sharing an office space with my husband and working away side by side sounded dreamy, we also knew we wanted to stay married for another 19 (and even more!) years and so this was just a straight up no! We each needed our own space because different work habits and organizational systems meant side by side just wasn’t going to happen.

Enter, Clement Home. ( @clement_home_at_the_market )

We had a very particular space out in the open part of our home that I decided would become my work zone. This meant needing a very specific size of desk. It also meant we wanted a desk that fit with the style of the rest of our home. This wasn’t going to be tucked away behind closed doors, this was out where we would see it all the time.


I knew exactly who to call. Brian, at Clement Home, has a gift. Not only a gift for making the coolest pieces of furniture but for using reclaimed materials to do it. This look fits perfectly into our style but also into our lifestyle decisions of – why buy new? We all know the issues in our world with a consumeristic society set on buying new and then tossing this new for more new in a few years and it’s just not our approach to life. We want to reuse and repurpose where we can and we knew Clement would do just that!


I spent all of one hour searching for tables/desks online that I liked the style of. Simple lines and heavy industrial elements being our design style of choice.

I threw these photos off to Brian at Clement and he got back to me right away with, I have just the pieces. I’m not going to lie, I lack vision when things aren’t done and when he sent me the raw elements I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t piece it together. Thankfully, that’s his zone and he could and did. He simply said, “Don’t worry about it. I know what you want and this is going to look amazing!”



As a society, we need to trust the artists around us. I chose Brian and Clement Home for a reason and so I just knew that I could let him do his thing, he would work his magic and come up with something I’d love. And he didn’t disappoint.

He was able to create a piece for us that measured exactly to our specifications, in colours and design that we absolutely wanted and suited our particular needs. Let’s just say that’s not exactly what you get when buying from a box-store.


Working with local artists and designers and custom craftspeople is not only supporting the community you live in, but allowing people to work in their gifting and produce amazing pieces that you get to enjoy for the rest of your life. Because I know this table will be in our home forever.

You can find Clement Home at:

On Instagram:  @clement_home_at_the_market

In person:  The Market by Spruce Collective: 2553 Montrose Ave, Abbotsford B.C.

By email:


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