When You Might Seem Fickle [and a winner!]

It’s not that I give up, per se, it’s just that there are so many amazing things in the world that I have a hard time deciding how to spend my time in all of them.

Because how do you choose which food is your favourite when the variety that is offered around the globe is so vast? How does one broaden their palate if they only ever eat cheese pizza?

I contend it isn’t even wise to choose only one past time that all of your hours are devoted to, because how will you ever get to partake in all of the other fun things?  Or even learn that they exist?

Some might call it fickle, I call it varied. Some say it’s because I lack stick-to-itness, I say it’s a broad scope.

If I only ever chose one author I’d still be reading Nancy Drew and not Carol Shields or Francis Schaeffer. If there were simply one way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I would always have my nose in a book and never venture out into the woods or wander the rows at the Farmer’s Market or see the ocean. If I could only choose one person I’d still just have Anita Kurki (Love you!!) and never have met all of the Jenn’s (and Gen’s) and all of the Lisa’s and all of the Sarah’s and everyone else in between.

Keeping options open in life makes it interesting and challenging and a constantly shifting tide. It means we can never get too comfortable before we step out and try something new.  It means that our days are a constant adventure and our nights are spent dreaming of all of the cool things we get to experience.

There is one thing though, that I never want to be fickle on, or change my mind on, or broaden my horizons on to see if there’s anything else that could replace the current position of favourite.  Marriage.


Because when we said we would 19 years ago today, we meant that we would.  When we committed our lives and our hearts to each other it meant that we wouldn’t keep peering around to see if something else outranked our choice.  When we placed those rings on each others fingers and kissed that kiss in front of a cheering church full of friends and family we said that we were each other’s it.  That’s it. That’s all. No looking. No turning. No running. No mind changing. No giving up. No it’s too hard. No I want something shinier. No that might be better.

Our marriage has seen it all.  I dare you to challenge that.  The hardest of hards.  The unpacked baggage. The how will we ever get past this’s. But when we made that decision before Christ we said that this was it and this was the one, come what may.

19 years in and here we are.


Thank you, Earl, for being the one decision on this earth that I’m not fickle varied about. Thank you for being a man of your word, someone who said forever and meant it. Thank you for loving me more than Lego and Star Wars.

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