Praying for our New Drivers

As our oldest son wrote his knowledge test at driver’s services my mind started to race.  He’d studied for roughly two days.  A bunch of facts about road signs and hand signals crammed into his brain.  After this, after answering some questions on a computer screen, I could legally hand him the keys to our vehicle, sit in the passenger seat and say, “go!”

I don’t know why but my heart and mind didn’t compute all of this quite so succinctly until I was sitting there in those waiting room chairs along with dozens of cranky people who’d been waiting too long for whatever it is they were doing  that day.


As I waited,  my mind and heart turned to the Lord.  Handing him keys to a large vehicle, which he would have to maneuver through the crazy streets filled with maniacal drivers?  It was just too much.  One wrong move and crash.  A simple oversight and someone could die.  Suddenly, the responsibility of driving felt like a large weight on me and I knew I had to pass it on to God.  I knew my words needed to plead with Him for a few things in regards to my son behind the wheel.  Because I don’t want to be a psychotic parent who hovers and lives fearfully, I knew I needed to petition God on these things.

So I whipped out my phone, pulled open my notes and made this exact list as I prayed that day while waiting for him to complete his test.  I’m sharing in case any of you have new drivers and need a springboard to launch you into prayer for your teen.

Jesus, as this boy embarks on this new world, this new journey, this new responsibility please give him these things:

Wisdom in abundance

A weight of responsibility

That he would always take the safety of others into consideration when he’s sitting behind that wheel

That he would never make choices that might harm someone

That he would be confident and safe

That you would give him clarity of mind each time he sits in the drivers seat

Bless him with good judgement when it comes to timing

Never allow him to put others in harm who are in his vehicle

May he never drive is he’s been drinking or if he feels too tired or if he feels reckless

God, keep him safe

Keep others safe around him

Protect him from overconfidence that leads to arrogance that leads to poor decisions

Give him patience and self-control

May his car never be used for harm, for tragedy, for illegal activity

God, protect our child as he steps forward in the world.  As he inches closer and closer to adulthood with these steps, may he understand the importance of caution, may he look to you for wisdom and may he continually follow you in all things.  Including this.


May the Lord bless all of you parents of new drivers!  I’m praying peace for you all today!


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