Interruptions + University Life

Life is never dull, amiright?!

Whether it’s with joys or sorrows, adventure or stirring the spaghetti sauce at home, the days never cease to tick by.  I think it’s rather unfortunate if we let them go by for too long without taking a few minutes here and there to think about where we’re at, look back to where we’ve been, and glance just a bit forward to dream about where we might go.

Of course, in my life I’ve never been able to predict the adventure.  I can dream forward but it always ends up so different and so much better than I could have ever thought.  (and more challenging and stretching and all of those things!)

For the past 8 months life has been slow for me.  My body looked at me sternly and said, “Take it easy.”  I was wise to listen.  And bored, if I’m honest.

I’m not very good at slow and taking it easy has never been my pace of choice.  I crave adventure and new and fast and fun!  But alas, rest was required and looking back I’m thankful.  It’s always easy to be thankful upon looking back, huh?  I need to get better at being thankful in-the-midst-of!

When I have a lot of time to think I sometimes come up with crazy notions.  Over the past months there’s been time to think aplenty and so the notions got crazier and crazier.  The one I went with?  I should go back to University!  Yeah!  That’s a great idea.

And it is!

I now instagram pics like this with captions that say, “Let’s do this, night class!”

But then I prayed this thing (be careful what you pray for!) where I happened to mention to God that, because I wasn’t sure what other direction to go and He didn’t seem to be stopping this crazy University at 39 while mothering 3 teens idea, that if He’d like to interrupt me at any point – He’s totally welcome to.

Aren’t I a gem to give God permission?  I’m still learning how to pray, okay?!  In the meantime I pour out my heart and trust He gets it and can wade through the ridiculous and  still understand me.

These were my words.  “God, I’m going in this direction because I’m not sure what else to do.  You’re welcome to interrupt me, though.  If you have a different plan, you’re just going to have to distinctly change my course, otherwise this is the path.”  I might have even said, “Interrupt away!”  or something.

Well, what do I get in my inbox the very next day but a great big fat ol’ interruption!

So, now I work for this organization called FamilyLife Canada.  You may recognize the name because I’ve been writing for them for a number of years on a volunteer basis.  Now I get to be a part of their staff and I couldn’t love it more.

I recommend you follow them on Facebook.  Help and Hope for Marriages and Families?  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!

Of course, I’m stubborn.  No really.  I am.  I know it’s hard to believe….

And so while this interruption happened I didn’t fully change course (like I possibly should have) I just altered it a bit.

Which leaves me where I am today.

Working part-time for FamilyLife, taking one night class at University (good thing I altered from the planned 3 classes!), all while mothering 3 teens, being wife to a creative (wives of creatives – you get what I’m throwing down), cooking, cleaning and making time for the gym because body still needs that in such a serious way.

Hello, Adventure!  Nice of you to stop by.

I’m loving every part of it though the combination of it all is taking some time to figure out.  Balance and time management and a clean house are all such elusive little beasts, no?

So that’s where I am just now.

In case you were curious.  I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to know how I spend my days.  ha!


Some fun things that will be upcoming on the blog are that I had to create an at home office space!  Hubs has one but we can’t share if we want to stay married.  I’ll do a little design post soon because we had the most gorgeous table made for my desk by someone local you’ll want to hear about.


Oh, and I started a new project but that deserves a post all its own.  And will include a giveaway!  Because I love you and your healthy self.  Check back soon, my friends!  There’s so much good to come.


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