The Comparison Game


“See, I love magazines. All magazines! I love the process of flipping through the pages, seeing the beauty in all of it; the layout, design, the colour schemes. The furniture or art or that perfect living room wall colour. I love seeing the new trends coming for spring. The beautiful dresses, perfect jeans and the boots, sandals or all the shoes really! I study all of the models’ gorgeous faces carefully noticing the colour on her eyelids, her perfectly glossed lip or just exactly where we are supposed to part our hair this year.

It all woo’s me. It beckons my heart to come and see and enjoy; while I’m in the moment I feel like this is a perfect activity. An amazing way to spend a sunny day on the deck or a rainy day cuddled up by the fire. But the moment I put those magazines down, I find myself in a bit of a funk…..”  Read More Here

I’m over at Family Life Canada today talking about my struggle with comparing myself to others and the tangible steps I’ve taken to help myself get over it and get on with living the way God made me!  Click here to read the full story.


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