Priorities + Simple Changes

I don’t know how you decide on what gets priority in life but mine goes something like this.  If it’s right in front of me, that comes first.

It might not always be the best philosophy but it’s simple and it seems to work for me so why mess with what’cha know.  Y’know?

It’s why my bible lays on the table right where I sit to drink my coffee in the morning.  If it’s right there, I see it and open it.  If it wasn’t there and my phone was, say, then the odds of me flipping that open to check email and instagram would be of high liklihood over scrounging around the house wondering where on earth I left my bible.

It turns out my kids are in front of my face every single day, too.  So they get priority.  My husband, while not always in front of my face, is at the top of the texts stream of my phone and thus, priority.

Friends that call, text, show up on my front step – these tend to be my priority.

Bottom line, real-in-front-of-my-face life is going to win out every time over online life because it’s just right there.  And my phone is over there.  And the computer in the sticky hands of a child.  And so, the priorities shift and when real life gets full of real life joys and tears and walks and late night prayers on the phone with friends – well, this place shifts down in its place.  (even though I don’t want it too!)

Turns out that  many of my conversations with friends lately have been about life and passion and simple things and natural living and have included the sentence, “You need to teach me how to make cleaner!”   To which I exclaim, “No, I don’t.  Because I’ve already posted that on my blog!”


But it turns out its been awhile and so it’s time for a refresher.

You all know that while I’m a believer in natural, I’m also a believer in not breaking the bank to be that way.  It’s such an oxymoron to think that being healthy and simple has to cost more.  But, if you steer towards commercial products that are better for you then that truly is the case.

While I can’t make all the natural products I want in my life (does anyone know how to make mascara?!) I find that if I make the ones I can, it affords me some budgetary space to pay for the ones  I can’t.

So without further ramblings – wanna make your own completely chemical-free cleaner so that you can wipe the table and let your munchkins suck on it before its even dry?  Or so you don’t have to cover your mouth and nose to avoid breathing in the fumes?  Or so you can get it on your skin without panic?  I thought so.  Here’s how:


You need:

  • citrus peels
  • vinegar
  • herbs of your choosing
  • jar for storage
  1.  Cut a slice of a citrus fruit that you have on hand.  Lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit all work great.  We use citrus because it cuts grease and makes it smell divine.  You can also just take the peel from the orange your kiddo just ate and throw them in the jar, too.  IMG_4422
  2. Choose which herbs you want to use in your infusion.  Because I want my cleaner to cost almost zero dollars to make I planted the herbs that I like to use in pots so that I can just pick them when I need them.  My personal favorite herbs to use are lavender, rosemary, mint, thyme or sage.  But you choose what you like and toss some into the jar.
  3. Once you have your citrus and herbs in a small jar, simply pour vinegar over top of them until they’re covered – maybe a cup or a cup and a half.  That’s it. Put a lid on the jar and put it on your windowsill so that the sun hits it and it warms up and it gets all infused and delicious and the antibacterial properties make their way into the vinegar.IMG_4421IMG_4420
  4. Wait two weeks.  This, my friends, is the hard part.
  5. After two weeks, strain the vinegar and put the infusion into your favourite spray bottle, while tossing the herbs and citrus remains into the compost.  Top the infused vinegar up with fresh vinegar (equal amount to the infusion you have – so a cup or so?) and get spraying your counters and sinks and tables and desks.
  6. If you want, you can add the optional step of putting a few drops of your favourite essential oil into your cleaner.  This is completely optional.  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I don’t.  When I do, I really like peppermint or tea tree oil.  But you can take or leave this step.  I mean, it is YOUR cleaner after all.

So I’ve gotten to the point now that the only expense for my cleaning products is a jug of vinegar which, compared to the “all-natural” versions you find at the store (which, lets be honest, may or may not be natural at all!) is cheapola!

Now go!  Make some jars all pretty and let me see ’em.


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