I’m not crafty! {succulent DIY}

photo 1

I’m not really crafty, though I was told otherwise recently.  This really comes down to logistics.

See, I view crafty as someone who uses a hot glue gun.  Someone who can take a pile of seemingly random objects and make it into an actual something!  Magazine clippings?  Oh look, it’s a wreath.  Popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners become a beautiful garland.  Piles of scrap material, oh I know, the perfect bunting.

This, my friends, is not me.

I take a pile of random objects and at the end it looks like a pile of random objects stuck together but mostly falling apart and when people look at it they generally tilt their head to one side, squint a bit and then go, “Ooooh!  It’s a ____!”  They never get it right.

Here’s what I can do though.  I can take already created objects and put them in jars and call them a thing.

photo 5

photo 1

Oh look epsom salts in a jar with twine around it for a ribbon!  Cute!  Oh theres a plant in a tea cup!  Fun!

See the difference?  No  hot glue.  No random objects.  I’m more about putting one thing into another and calling it style.

All of that to say, I found this crazy deal the other day and I couldn’t walk buy it.  It was a bunch of succulents, like so many succulents, but they were in this christmas bucket with a christmas bow and some glittery christmas ribbon strewn throughout them.

photo 1

photo 2

So, of course they were on a ridiculous Christmas sale!  And my non-crafty but logical mind thought – take those beauties out of all that Christmas stuff, plunk them into something else and whamo!  New pretty things around the house!

photo 3If this, my friends, equals craftiness?  Then bring it on.

Here’s what it cost:

succulent:  $o.50 each

little jars:  $o.25 each – thrifted

vintage silver tray:  already owned – thrifted

cake topper:  already owned (but was originally $3.00)

silver bowl:  already owned (also originally $3.00)

Total output for this little project?  $4.50

If you add in the things I already had?  still under $20 all in.

Bottom line?  Go find things to put in other things that you already own!  Sure that may sound bossy but I’m pretty certain you’ll be so glad you did.


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