If God’s in the what-if’s, it means we don’t have to be


As I’ve been together with friends and family over the holidays, I’ve found that there is often a theme to  our conversations.  While we catch up on current happenings and reminisce about past times, often there seems to be a certain hesitancy about the future.  A kind of, “what if,” thinking that has permeated thoughts, consumed vast quantities of time and sometimes derailed our days as we think of what’s to come.

The what-if’s can be as vast and varied as the snowflakes that fell on Christmas day or the moods of the teenagers over the holidays.  What I’m saying is, there are many ways this can look.

There are what-ifs about jobs and future employment, about home sales or purchases, about all of these children running around under foot and what may become of them tomorrow or next year or well into adulthood.

There are what-if’s about the babies in bellies, about university acceptance, about marriages and arguments and if they can weather the current storm.

What-if health doesn’t come back?  What-if the current cuts include me?  What-if my child does follow that dark path or never gets a job or crashes the car?

We have a statement in our house that gets tossed out in these moments.  When we’re sitting around and what-if’ing I tend to put an end to it because what-if?  What-if what?

I generally rise above all the chatter and proclaim, “No more hypothesis!”

Why?  Because we can come up with hypothesis all day long.  We can even worry and fret over them.  Over hypothesis.  Something that isn’t even an actual thing.  All I can think is, why on earth are we stressed out about something that we don’t know is happening!?  Why are we worried about the possibilities?  They maybe’s?  The not even being close to proven facts?

I don’t know about you, but there’s enough in a day to go downright berserk about without having to think about all of the what-if’s.  There’s enough worry for one single day without fretting over the may-not-even-be-trues.

So I make a point of not letting my family sit in the what-if’s.  Sure they can air their thoughts or concerns but until it’s an actual thing, we’re not going to dwell there.  We’re not going to go over every possible outcome.  We’re not even going to waste any more breath on it.

Because what we know for sure is that there are no what-if’s with God.  He knows.  All of it.  Every little crumb.

We also know His character.  We know that He is good and that He is love and while those two things may look different than we think they should sometimes, we still believe them to be true.  And we trust Him.  Even when it sucks.

So we open our hands and we offer all of our what-if’s back to Him and we don’t dwell there.  We move forward, moment by moment, knowing that He’s got all of it in His very hand.  Always has, always will.

And isn’t that a better thing to dwell on then the chaos of our minds getting ahead of us and out of control.  I think, yes.

He’s in our what-if’s, so much so that we needn’t even have ’em.  So let’s work on the real deals of the day.  Like, how on earth is all of the laundry going to get folded and who’s making me dinner!?

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