My Battle With Gifts

photo 4

It happens every year in exactly the same way and this Christmas season I told myself I would be ready for it. It happens when I’m making lists of the gifts I want to pick up for my children, and it happens amidst the wanderings at the mall, and when I’m adding things to my cart on Amazon. It happens when all of the planned gifts are bought and the last few chocolates and candies for stockings have been purchased. I start to get this certain dread, this sinking feeling.

The feeling like it’s not enough.

It’s just not enough. I want to get them more. I want them to be surprised and excited. I want the tree to be spilling over with presents. I want to shower them with so many good things. I want them to feel the joy, the magic, the miracle of Christmas!

And I understand that this may seem indulgent or like my kids are spoiled brats, but that’s not it at all….

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