When Our Expectations Ruin it All


So it’s Christmas.  It’s Christmas and I have an expectation of how I want our Christmas morning to be.  I want excited children and parents with a twinkle in their eye.  I want eggnog lattes and cinnamon buns and music playing in the background.  I want the house dimly lit and the boys curled up on our laps and I want us to feel the very presence of peace in our home.  I want love to abound and delight in Jesus to be the focal point and I want picture perfect moments that would make any grinch’s heart melt into a puddle.

But that’s a lot of expectation on a lot of sinful humans.

And let’s be honest, what’s more likely to happen is that the teenager will sleep in too long leaving the littles upset, and the cinnamon buns won’t rise just right and there will be music playing but someone will switch it to Mumford and Sons mid-carol and my blood pressure will start to rise…

Read about the rest of my issues over at Family Life Canada  You may be happy to know you aren’t the only one whose Christmas morning doesn’t go exactly as planned!



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