Topic Tuesday {How Did You Get Your First Car?}

There she is in all her first car glory. Enhancing our wedding photos with her beauty. I'm pretty sure she's the only one who's gotten better with age!
There she is in all her first car glory. Enhancing our wedding photos with her beauty. I’m pretty sure she’s the only one who’s gotten better with age!

Yeah, yeah.  It’s Wednesday.  I know.  Life, man.  It just got away on me.  But I wanted to ask this question and I simply don’t want to wait another week.  So it’s Topic Tuesday – wait for it – on a Wednesday!  [all the celebratory emojis]

Let’s talk first cars, shall we?!

I didn’t get my own car until after I had graduated from high school.  Up until then my mom let me take her Jeep pretty much whenever I needed it!  (Thanks, Mom!!)

It’s only now as our oldest son just turned 16 that I realize what that did to my Mom.  If I took the car to school and then to work it meant she was stranded at home ALL DAY!  I didn’t take it every day but I’m pretty sure I took it enough to be bothersome because I can’t imagine my boy taking my truck away all day.

I think I was 18 when I bought my first car.  A baby blue 1974 Volkswagon Beetle.  Yes, I wanted to be Drew Barrymore.  It was the 90’s, okay?!  Be glad I didn’t ever get a dolphin tattoo.

So with the boy now 16 it’s got me thinking.  I’m pretty sure we’re not buying him his first car.  I’m pretty sure he’s not taking my car all day every day.  I’m pretty sure he’s got enough money for some sort of unsafe rust-bucket.  I’m pretty sure that’s not ideal.  At this point, I’m pretty sure about a lot of things but I’m sure of nothing!

All of this got me thinking – what did you do?  Did you work part-time after school to save up for something great?  Did your parents lend you the family car?  Were you lucky enough that they bought you your first wheels?

Give me the deets.  I wanna know!


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