You’ve Got This! {teaching kids new things}

photo 12

It’s been a summer of appointments around here for us!  I’m sure there are times you can start to feel the same way.  Of course, the more children you have, the more appointments you have and with our 3 it seems that there  is always something.

Whether its dentist or orthodontist or eye exams, doctor check ups, chiropractic visits or physiotherapy, what I’ve found is there is always paperwork to be done!

Of course, this would be fine if it was just for me, but when there are 4 sets of ‘new client forms’ to fill out and 4 sets of ‘medical history forms’ to check boxes in, well I decided enough was enough.

It was time to teach my boys a life skill.  A skill that they will be using always and forever and a skill that they are now old enough to handle themselves. Boys were going to learn to fill out their own forms!

So, upon each visit this summer when I was handed a clipboard with 4 sets, I politely asked for 3 extra clipboards and pens and I handed each boy their own.

At first they were slightly taken aback and even a bit nervous that they might get something wrong but this is exactly the reason I deemed it important.  I mean, I remember filling out papers the first time I had to get a passport and I was terrified I’d do something wrong.  I figured if they start now, by the time they get to things like passports and marriage certificates and University applications they would have it down!

We talked through the importance of keeping it neat because multiple people would have to be able to read and decipher it.  We discussed things like honesty and best possible answer when it came to checking only one box and we also talked about which things weren’t the end of the world but were more just helpful information and if you weren’t sure, leave it and discuss it with whomever you were seeing that day.

Starting this was the best move I could have made this summer!  It has saved me heaps of time and its taught my boys confidence in something they’ll be doing for years to come.  Win and win!


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