Life. So weird. So awesome.

photo 17

We sat in the coffee shop last night, which is actually just a portion of our house that we didn’t know what to call.  We have a legit living room already and we know where the kitchen is but then there was just this other space that we called the other couch place on the other side of the fireplace.  It got long, as you can imagine, but it’s where we sit and have coffee so the name stuck.  Plus, it’s kind of awesome to have your own coffee shop.  I think I’m going to start calling the bathtub the ‘pool’.  Cause I’d also like to have one of those.

We sat in the coffee shop last night staring at each other and then laughing.  And then not saying much but then laughing again because life has gotten weird.

Have you ever had that?  Where life is just sailing along at normal pace one week and then two later its been flipped upside down and shaken around, rattling all of the coins out of your pocket and plunking you down with hair all askew and feeling a little dizzy?

Yeah.  That’s where we are.

photo 19

All we can surmise is that God looked down and saw how many seasons of Gray’s Anatomy we watched in the last year and decided we needed a shake up.  I’m quite certain he took note of how much time we have on our hands to watch awesome  crappy  soap opera like tv shows and was all, “Nuh uh.  That’s enough crawling in bed at 8 and watching so many episodes that netflix has to ask if you’re still watching!”

But we’re use to life flipping us on our heads.  It’s pretty much what feels normal around here by now.  When there’s not a lot going on we start to wonder what’s wrong.  When it’s going to happen.  Who’s playing tricks on us by keeping it simple.

Apparently we thrive in chaos.  The unknown.  Walking with eyes wide open and yet not knowing exactly what’s in front of us.  Saying yes to things that seem crazy.  Taking the path set before us without knowing where it leads.

photo 21

I think this is what they call faith.  The assurance of things hoped for.  The conviction of things not seen.  (Hebrews 11:1)

It started with a simple call saying that we were ready to start our foster training.  2 years after we had initially submitted our names and long after we had given it a thought that it was something we might do.

This was the jolt that brought us back to the place of really God?  This?  Now?

And the tumbling has only continued from there.

Yesterday alone we were driving along merrily when someone crashed into us from behind.  And who shows up 5 minutes after the fact to help?  One of my very best friends from high school and her husband  who have just recently moved back to town after being away and out of country for years.

Because of course that’s who God sends to help.

Weird, man.

photo 18

That same day I got a gift in mail.  I never get gifts in the mail but yesterday I did and it was so lovely.  And then my husband walks in the door and holds up a small package all wrapped up and tied with a bow.  He got a gift today too.


So weird.

And so,  we find ourselves sitting in the coffee shop staring at each other and giggling and repeatedly saying,

How is this our life?!  What the…?!  How is this our life?!

And we mean it in the very best, most weird, why do we get to be the ones, sort of way.

I love  this crazy, mixed-up, never sure what’s going to happen next, downright weird gig we’ve got going.

It keeps it interesting, never leaves us using the word ‘bored’, and keeps us trusting someone greater than ourselves because on our own – this stuff would just be nutters.  But instead, it’s awesome, because we know there is One walking before us and preparing our way.  It’s so easy to say yes when you can see how faithful He’s always been.  It’s adventurous to take the next step when you know He’s got your back.

photo 20

Weird.  It’s how He keeps it and how we walk forward everyday.

Netflix has nothing on this.  This, this is the good stuff!


3 thoughts on “Life. So weird. So awesome.

  1. Preaching to the choir on this one. Seriously. I preached a couple of weeks ago about how I don’t have a lot of comfort in my life…because as soon as something starts feeling comfortable, God shakes it up again. It’s all good…when He is in it, how can it be discomfort?

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  2. It’s only when we turn our eyes inward, focusing all time and attention on ourselves, that we long for the comforts. When we see His hand in our lives we can see it all as GOOD! Even the uncomfortable parts. Love you!


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