DIY Skin Care (an easy peasy recipe!)

IMG_1124I haven’t used toner since high school when the Clinique 3-step facial system were the best facial products on the planet.    Also, the only ones I knew about.

Sidebar, was Clinique lipstick a thing for you?  That ridged silver tube making me feel all kinds of cool.  Just me?

Anyways, as I was reading about facial products online the other day, gaining information on how to change up the current face scrub that I make to reflect what my skin needs in the summer I came across many recipes for toners.

Of course, this caused me to google such important things as, “Why use a toner?”  and other combinations of exactly those same words and I realized all that a toner can offer!  And I wanted those things!!


First of all, a toner can help minimize pores.  Yes, please!  Second, a toner can add moisture to dry skin.  Sounds great to me!  Third, a toner can pH balance your skin and fourth it can simply refresh.  All of these things had me scratching my head as to why I gave up toning so many moons ago and had me setting off on how I could make a toner that would be just right for my skin.

As with all skin care, the key is in what YOUR skin needs and that’s hard to figure out.  So it takes guessing and testing and trying all over again.  I made two very different toners for two distinct purposes and only ended up loving one.  The other was too heavy for my skin and made me break out.

This is the one I loved!


1/4 cup of green tea  (benefits:  reduce sun damage, reduce redness, slow aging)

1/8 cup apple cider vinegar – be sure to get the one that says, “with the mother” on the bottle!  (benefits:  restore skins pH, inhibits growth of bacteria, stimulate circulation and minimize pores)

1 TBSP lemon juice (benefits:  high in Vit C and antioxidants, skin brightener, antibacterial properties minimize break outs and oil production)

10 drops sweet orange essential oil (benefits:  improves skins tone and texture, delays aging of skin, combats oily skin)

5 drops lavendar (benefits:  improves elasticity, treats acne by inhibiting bacteria growth, reduce scarring)

5 drops clary sage (benefits: tightens and tones skin, reduces inflammation, balances oils)

5 drops peppermint (benefits: soothing and healing, reduces oils, balances pH, reduces redness)

Combine these ingredients into a dark glass bottle with a spritzer and mist your face!  I love the bit of peppermint in it as it cools the skin and makes you feel invigorated!

**sidenote:  as with using any oils please do your own research.  this is simply what worked for me.  also remember that orange oil is phototoxic, meaning it makes you more sensitive to the sun so don’t apply before heading outdoors!

If you’re looking for different things for your skin than I was for mine, this is one of my favourite charts when it comes to essential oils and your skin!  I love how it breaks it all down.  Choose what you need and want and add the corresponding oils.

Happy toning!


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