Things I’m Reminding Myself This Summer

4 boys
Babies. All with rolled up jeans. *tear*

Well, here we are.  It’s been one weekend and two days since the kids have been out of school and though I look forward to this time of year more than any other time, there are things I forget about it.  Things that, since last year, I’ve pushed back into the repressed category of my mind and all I remember is tousled hair and golden skin and flip flops.

Just a few days into these summer months they snapped back, though.  The things that are hard for me about summer and the things that I need to remember and work through and learn and relearn each year.

I’ve learned that some self-talk is what I need in these instances.  Self-talk and many reminders and to focus on the tousled hair and golden skin and flip flops.

This is what I’m reminding myself of this summer.

1)  The house will be messier

It just will.  There are 3 more humans in the house ALL THE TIME and those humans  just happen to be of teenage age which basically means they have no comprehension of the crumbs they leave everywhere or how many times I trip over the pile of shoes at the front door.  I need to get over it.  I need to allow them to just chill and not be constantly pestering them about every water glass not in the dishwasher.  I’m happy they’re home for 2 months.  I need to make sure they know that instead of making them feel like they’re annoying me with their messes.

2)  Say yes to treats

All year long I say no to treats.  When they ask for a snack it’s fruit or veggies or something really crazy like chia/hemp/applesauce cookies.  When they want to mock me they put on my voice and start taking about healthy choices and what sugar does to our bodies.  They wag their finger and ask if i’ve taken my dose of kefir for the day or if I’ve had my daily dose of omega 3’s.  And they’re right.  I care what they put in their bodies and I may be a bit extreme about it.  Don’t make me go into details about the wagon wheel intervention of 2015, okay?  So this summer I’m going to work at saying yes to treats.  Ice cream?  Yes!  Popsicles made with unnatural ingredients.  Sure.  (I started to twitch just writing that)  A can of coke every now and again.  Lord, have mercy….

3)  It’s their summer too!

I need to remember that this is their summer and it’s their time to unwind and relax and do that in a way that feels awesome to them!  My summer goals are lake, beach, hike, tennis, berry picking, beach, hike, lake.  Their summer goals are video games, sprinkler on the trampoline, video games, junk food, video games and falling asleep at a ridiculous hour to a movie they can quote every single sentence of.   I need to remember this is their down time too and keeping them overly busy with activities makes them feel like they’re back in school.  I’m telling myself it’s okay to let them chill in their weirdly lethargic way every now and then.


4)  Swimming in a pool with chlorine counts as a shower.

It just does.

5)  These days pass quick

It’s true.  Two months fly by and before we know it we’re back at it.  I need to remember that and make the most out of each day.  Whether that’s curling up on the couch and reading a book aloud (which they still love, by the way) or roasting marshmallows (again), the time is ticking by and these summer days will lead into winter nights before we know it.  I don’t know how my firstborn baby is nearly 16 but what I do know is that time slips through our fingertips like the sand at the beach.  It’s here and then gone and we wrinkle our brows to try and figure out where it went.  This summer I want to hold those grains of sand just a little bit longer and pay attention to the moments that are here right now and then slipping away tomorrow.

How was this not yesterday?

6)  Hot dogs for dinner is a thing.

Let them.  Without veggies on the side.  And don’t say a word about what’s in them.

I can do this!

Rock on, summer lovers!  Let’s do this thing!

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