How to Have Fresh Flowers On Your Table all Summer Long!

photo 4

There isn’t much better to brighten up your kitchen table or bathroom counter than fresh cut flowers!  Of course I don’t live in a world where I’ve got a standing order in with my local flower shop to ship fresh bouquets on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but how great would that be?

photo 9

I don’t know if it’s the colour pop or just the concept of bringing the outdoors in that vibes the most with me but there are fewer things I love more than a bunch of yellow tulips greeting me in the morning.

photo 7

photo 6

We moved into our current home two years ago now and while I was pretty pleased with all of the things that the previous owners had planted, I wanted a few things that I especially love.  Lavender.  Daisies.  Echinacea. Boxwoods.

Unfortunately tulips don’t work ’round these parts because the local deer like to feast on the flower leaving nothing more than a stem protruding from the ground.  Live and learn.

photo 8

photo 1

But what I’ve learned in my choosing and planting is to buy things that I love to cut and bring inside.  This means that all spring and summer I get that jar of flowers on my table!  Amazing, right?

It doesn’t have to cost much either.  I’ve added only 2 or 3 plants each year which comes in at a grand total of twenty bucks.

If you have space, you can even get super crazy and plant a tree!  One that flowers and has cool branches so that you can have the flowers in the summer and use the branches in the fall.  It’s genius, don’tcha think?

photo 5


I have something fresh almost all year and it doesn’t cost me a thing.  I just head out to the yard and cut.

I think you should too!  Don’t have a yard?  Buy a pot and plant in that!  It really is the gift that keeps on giving.


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