Summer Reading for Teens and Pre-teens (and me!)

It’s no secret that books are a love language in our home.  We often give them as gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, You Didn’t Fail the School Year, I Think You’re Rad, or You’ve Been Playing Too Many Video Games so HERE!  Take This!

They really cover all occasions quite well, I think.

Every year around this time I place a decently sized amazon order because, hello summer!  You know we love us some library time but there are also books that I know will get read and re-read in this house.  Ones that, because our boys are close in age, will get handed down and down and down.  Ones that I love to read aloud to them and then they’ll want to cozy up with again later.

Book time is a thang in this house and so sometimes thang’s require a splurge.  That splurge is always before summer!

Here are a few of the books in my cart so far.  What else should I add?


The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

We love all things by Kate DiCamillo and we find they are definite re-readers.  Tale of Desperaux was our first fave (book is way better than the movie!!) and we absolutely fell in love with the quirky characters in The Magicians Elephant.  In fact, we found ourselves sad when it ended, it was THAT good!


The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

The words “harolded as a classic” drew me to this one along with the fact that it was listed as things you would like if you liked Madeleine L’Engel’s series starting with A Wrinkle In Time.  Which, you know, we SO TOTALLY DO!  In fact, we’ve decided to start the series over and make it our campfire read aloud for the year.  If your pre-teens haven’t started on that series do yourself a favour and just buy them all.  Like, yesterday!


The Stranded Series by Jeff Probst

My boys just got into watching Survivor this past year which definitely took me back 15 years!  We discovered it was a fun show to watch as a family and offered up many good conversations about how we treat people, social dynamics and human nature.  I grabbed the first in the stranded series one day at Chapters and my pre-teen gobbled it up.  It’s by no means a classic or much more than just straight up fun, sort of like summer light reading for kids!  But it’s easy and will get them reading and that’s a win in my books.  So we’ll grab a few more in the series for the summer because they’re new and the library doesn’t have them yet!


Good Call by Jase Robertson

My boys fell full force into the Duck Dynasty thing.  They think it’s hilarious and adventurous and straight up awesome.  So for my boy who likes fact over fiction, we’ve introduced him to the world of biographies.  He was the boy who always came home from the library with books about Sharks or Pandas or Science Experiments.  He almost never picks up a novel but wants information.  So for lighter reading I grabbed him a few of the first biographies from the Robertson family (Willie’s first and then beloved Uncle Si’s) and now he chose this one on Jase for his next read.

I haven’t submitted my order yet because I’m at a loss as to what to add for myself!  Do you have any suggestions?  What have you read lately that you loved?  Or have you found some great ones for your pre-teens and teens?  Share people, share!!


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