Topic Tuesday: Colour Trends

It’s been so long since I’ve done a topic Tuesday!  I’m not sure why.  I always love everyone’s thoughts that come in.  You guys have a lot of smarts in those heads of yours and today I’m enlisting it.

I need your help.

It’s a deep one today, people.  Put those deep thinking caps on.

Ready?  I don’t know what colour to paint this little beauty!

photo 4

The colouring in this photo is a bit off, but I know you can see beyond that.  I’m not sure where I’m putting it just yet but every wall in our house is white, except for the living room which is gray.  (pictured)

Most of the house has busy wood floors so too many wood pieces and it gets overwhelming, y’know, with the too many shades of wood.  Add in cupboards and our table and that’s about all I can handle.  So little numbers like this need a coat of something lovely.  But I’m unsure if I should do something that pops or something subtle.  What trends are you seeing that you love right now?

Here are some colours I’m thinking about.  What’s your fave?  Or should I do something completely different?


The yellow is my current fave!  But I think an orangish-red could look pretty great too.  Plus I’ll put a new drawer pull on to completely update it!

Okay go!  Leave your comment!  What would you do?!


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