Table and Marriage

In our home, life happens around the table. It’s marked with permanent circles from hot coffee cups and large glasses of water that dribbled over the side. It’s got paint stains from that time we thought our boys should try model building. It’s got grooves permanently etched from baguettes being sliced without a cutting board.

The marks and stains show life lived here, around our table. They tell a tale of friends and family. They hold memories of both laughter and tears. The deep grooves show the tiresome wear of time and the whitish circles show heat pressed in that spot far too long, leaving it’s mark. We’ve never worried much about the look of the table top. We’re okay with it’s message, saying loud and clear that a family lives here. We’re okay with the honesty revealed about the time we weren’t careful enough and kind of messed up.

If I were talk about marriage, about our marriage,  I’d say that it looks something like our table top.

***I’m over at Family Life today talking marriage and how it resembles our kitchen table.  Read more….


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