The Journey

As many of you know, this blog is simply a tale of one humans journey.  Just a normal human: wife, mother, daughter, thick cream in her coffee lover.  

The list could go on (and on and on) but the bottom line is that I started this blog many moons ago simply because I’m a girl who processes by writing. I’ve had journals my entire life and this was simply another form of that!

But also? I had this desire to display a normal girls journey. A girl who doesn’t have all the answers and who isn’t doing anything grand by the worlds terms. A girl who grows by asking questions and wrestling with the answers and is okay with admitting she was wrong (still working on that one) and changes her mind.

I chose Never Static as my title because  that’s what life is to me. Always moving, constantly changing, each of us affecting each other, taking two steps forward and three back. 

And while this blog has evolved over time my heart behind it has always remained.

The heart of wanting to share my journey so that others can see that there is so much more behind this seemingly mundane life. That stirring spaghetti sauce is kingdom work. That it’s okay to ask questions that it seems like you shouldn’t be asking and it’s okay to make a stance and then change your mind. It’s okay to admit that none of us are nailing this life. It’s a journey and I wanted to show just that. 

Looking back in my archives I can see how much I’ve changed. How life has handed me new things and brought different people around me and how they’ve affected each leg of my story.

This week, as I scrolled back through some of my old Mothers Day posts I could see the progression of my thoughts from year to year and how God has been shaping me and changing me, even in the little things.

Here’s a few to read that will show you my journey through celebrating Mothers Day. My early expectations, how we learned to communicate better and learning to give up the crazy and just enjoy another day alive on earth.

How I learned to communicate a bit better before special days and how that changed things so much

Moving on from communicating to realizing who I am in Christ and how that should affect Mothers Day

Some photos of our Mothers Day from 2009 when my boys were mere babies!!

And some systems we’ve developed for gift buying! 

See? I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve grown and changed. And hopefully a few years from now I can look back and say the same!


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