She’s a coconut girl, just like you.

I have this beautiful friend and she was trying to describe the nature of one of her other friends to me and this is what she said.

She’s a coconut girl, just like you.

My heart instantly swooned because I knew just what she meant.

If you follow me on instagram, you might recall my birthday basket of deliciousness, complete with young coconut!
If you follow me on instagram, you might recall my birthday basket of deliciousness, complete with young coconut!

It meant that her cupboards are full of coconut flour and coconut nectar and she uses coconut oil for all the things.  But it also meant so much more to me.  It meant she probably cares about what she sprays on her counter tops to clean them and likely makes her own.  I just knew her cupboards were full of off-the-beaten path brands of food and that she probably puts palm sugar (highly debated, watch which brands you use for ethically sourced!) into her tea.

In short, I knew we had connecting points and it made it so much easier to grasp what she was saying about her friend because we had this kindred spirit over all things coconut.

Coconut is not a new trend in our family.  We’ve been using its oil for decades to grease up pans and waffle makers since I first read what is actually in aerosol non-stick sprays.

Of course, as the trend has peaked I’ve found new uses, as has the rest of the world.  Once a week the ends of my hair get doused in it and then tied up in a ponytail to sleep on, leaving them baby kitten soft and without any of those frizzed out wisps the next morning.  I do this for other selfish reasons though, too.  When I do, my kids snuggle up to me, stay a little longer, and tell me how great I smell.  (They like coconut too!)

All of this rambling is simply to say, I thought I’d found all the uses for it and I had tapped out its entire potential, until last night.  See, my hands have been insanely dry for the last month.  Like, crazy, 7 times a day lotioning them up with still no success kind of dry.  Like, I look like a much older lady than I actually am (thank you very much!) because my hands looked so wrinkly and cracky.  (Did you know hands are the biggest giveaway when it comes to aging a person!)

So last night after working the oil into the ends of my hair and having a bit left in my palm, it struck me like a coconut falling from a tree straight onto my noggin.  Why not?  So I worked that oil into my flakey disgusting hands.  Now, it is an oil so it took longer to soak in than other lotions but after about 10 minutes it did.  I’m happy to report that this morning my hands are back as they ought to be!  After just one application!  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  I can’t stop staring at them in disbelief.

Coconut oil, it is officially my new hand cream!

Now if only someone would make a Bounty bar with fair trade chocolate, I would be the happiest girl in all the land!

Tell me, what else do you use coconut oil for that I should try?  I’d love to hear!!


2 thoughts on “She’s a coconut girl, just like you.

  1. I melt the virgin coconut oil down to a watery consistency, then add in some tea tree oil – several drops – and stir. Once it settles it becomes a nice consistency again. It’s my face cream at night…oh, and put a little of the plain oil on a cotton pad and the eye make up comes right off!!

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  2. Ooh, love that, Sher! I’ve tried it on my face before and it was a bit heavy for my skin type but I wonder if the addition of tea tree oil would change that. The properties of the two might balance each other? Totally trying it!


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