Around the Web

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts so I thought I’d unearth the backlog of cool things I’ve found around the web onto you today!  And some random photos.  Cause sharing is caring, right?

  • I used this video for our family devotions one night and it really resonated with the kids (and me!)  I love mixing it up sometimes and using various resources to enhance what we’re learning.
  • Shannon’s post on how she’s a different kind of awesome mom made me love her even more.  Even though I already really love her!  For the record, I’m the same kind of awesome.  ha!
  • These posts slay me.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a blog post.  Like, we’re talking tears here.
  • The Pioneer Woman’s 16-minute meals save my life night after night.  This is one of our faves!  When you find something everyone likes as much as they do this recipe, it enters the hallowed halls of dinner time staple.


  • Have you entered the world of energy bites yet?  I know they’re everywhere now!  We’ve been addicted to them since last summer and we can’t stop making these ones.  Delish!
  • I love this post about Mother’s Day Gifts for new moms.  I know when I was a new mom and doing very little for myself I really needed great gifts that made me feel special.  Baby handprints on things are cute but when I was constantly covered with stickiness from them (as well as other fluids!) I longed for things that made me feel beautiful and, to be honest, not mom-like!
  • I know oils are all the rage just now and you’re probably sick of them.  I’ve used them for years but I’ve never thought of making little bottles like these.  So cute and ready to go with you where you are!

What have you found around the inter webs that caught your fancy lately?  Tell me!  No, seriously, do.  I sometimes get bored on the weekend and I want new pretty things to look at!

Happy Friday!!


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