Better than Amazon Prime? Mm hmm.

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part of today’s random selections

When I was a kid we had these friends who went to the library as a family every Tuesday night.

I envied them like crazy.

The mere thought of getting to compile a new stack of selections every single week still makes me drool!

We were a sometimes library family and with my kids, I’ve found us to be the same.  We can’t get there once a week and sometimes we don’t even make it once a month but I do find myself popping in there by myself more often than we even go together these days.

The library, any library, feels like home to me.  The walls lined with row upon row of books scream whisper hope.  Possibility.  So much potential.  I feel like the people sitting at the tables and perusing the shelves, they’re my people, though I never talk to them because….ssshhh.

Oh, and the quiet.  I relish the quiet.  People altogether in one place and yet silence, or hushed voices at the very most.

But enough of my drama, the real reason I love the library is because there are so many things I just don’t know.  So many things I can hardly pronounce, let alone have a conversation about.

Learning is my jam and the library lets me choose pretty much anything I want to learn about.

Decoupage?  There’s a book for that.  The Civil Rights Movement?   Aisle 4 over there.  Want to travel to Japan and be armed with sentences to get you through?  Yup.  Curious about Donald Trump?  Derek Hough?  Garfield?  Maybe Women in the Arts is more your speed?  Or Politics in this Century? Traditional Lebanese Cooking?

Or maybe you like story.  The possibilities are endless there.  Love.  Loss.  Strength.  Defiance.  Submission.  World Changers.  Quirky sorts.   It’s all there within the pages of the novels, you just have to find the right one.  Look long enough and it’ll be there, I guarantee it.

Books are my love. When I was little I would do my saturday morning chores with my nose buried in something as I vacuumed.  I still do the same as I’m waiting for pots of soup to simmer on the stove.

photo 5

The library offers endless possibilities and I love seeing what jumps out at me as I walk quietly along the rows.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon and their prime delivery but I would never order even a quarter of the books I check out of the library.  I can’t afford all the gorgeous coffee table books and I wouldn’t spend the money on some of the gambles that I’ve picked up just out of curiosity.

This morning I just needed some quiet.  It’s spring break here and I’ve been surrounded by people for too many days on end and a break was necessary.  So I went to my happy place.  I breathed in the smell of old books and thumbed through half a dozen gorgeous architecture  finds and peered at name after name in the biography section until I found one that my fingers wanted to reach for.  It was perfect.

And I don’t even have to wait two days for shipping.


6 thoughts on “Better than Amazon Prime? Mm hmm.

  1. I think I relate to just about everything you’ve written here. Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful words! If you’re ever interested in some other awesome book reviews and musings, be sure to follow! Thanks!!!

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