A Make and Give {plant version} plus a GIVEAWAY!!

The gift to make and the giveaway all in one photo!
The gift to make and the giveaway all in one photo!

The morning is shining bright around here and revealing all of the dirty smeared across the windows.  The music is playing and I’m scrubbing that spot behind the kitchen sink that gets all kinds of gross caked up and sort of only gets a half hearted wipe each day.

And while I’m scouring like my life depended on it and I’m singing the tunes in my running gear (because if you put your running gear on in the morning, the likelihood of you ACTUALLY going for a run is greater) I thought to myself, it seems like a day to give stuff away!

So I’ve got two things for you today.  First, a simple little hostess gift idea or a birthday gift for that friend who likes a little quirk or just something to give your mom because you like her.  And second, a book giveaway! (which, I admit I used as a prop in shooting pictures of the gift because this book is THE perfect colour, but that’s not why I want to give it to you!)

First things first, you know when you’re at a thrift store and you see the most beautiful china and you think things like, I love this but I don’t need one tea cup, well, I’m telling you, buy that beauty for the $1.99 that it is and tuck it away until you need it.

‘Cause that’s what I do.

photo 6

Then, when I suddenly had the urge to make some gifts this week, I pulled them out and got to work.  Actually, I should backtrack and say that earlier in the morning I had wandered through our local garden store looking for Hyssop.

Did you know that Hyssop branches are what they used to smear the blood around the door posts during passover?  And what they threw into the fire when they were sacrificing the perfectly spotless red heifer in Deuteronomy?  And what they used to offer up a sponge for Jesus to drink from when He was on the cross?

Hyssop branches have enamoured me in my readings this week and I wanted to feel and smell the real deal.  But alas, I couldn’t find any.  What I did find were some gorgeous succulents on the clearance table.  So I scooped them up with my pocket change and headed on home.

This is a gift so easy anyone can do it.  It goes like this.

Plunk succulent into tea cup.  The end.

photo 7

Now go!  Make one for someone you think is pretty awesome!

Oh wait, not yet.  First – giveaway!

I was scouring for a certain no-longer-in-print book at all the charity shops in town and while I had no luck in finding it, I did come across the book that gave me my biggest YES!! moment when it came to parenting.  No other book I’d read had ever quite put into words what I was feeling I wanted to give my littles and how I wanted our little family to be.  How to cultivate what I wanted.  What my heart longed for.

photo 2

I think I nodded my head through the entire reading of this book.  Passages like,

“A mobile is a moving, changing collection of objects constantly in motion, yet within the framework of a form.  The framework of a family gives form, but as one starts with a man and a woman, a mother and a father, there is never any one day following another when these two, plus the children that came through adoption or birth into the home, are either the same age or at the same point of growth.  Every individual is growing, changing, developing or declining – intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically and psychologically.  A family is a group of individuals affecting each other  intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychologically.”

…made my heart and head scream yes!  This is it!  Each day we’re moving in and around and amongst each other and we’re affecting every part of each other in this family.  So how are we going to affect them?  We can do it positively or horribly negatively.

And then she goes and says things like,

“What is a family?  A family is a mobile.  A family is an art form.  A family is an exciting art career, because an art form needs work.”

*sigh*  Beautifully true, right?

And if you don't want to read the book its great to use as a decorating prop underneath jugs of flowering branches!  But read it.  Really.  Do.
And if you don’t want to read the book its great to use as a decorating prop underneath jugs of flowering branches! But read it. Really. Do.

And if you ever felt like being a parent is a tiresome thankless job she encourages immensely with statements like,

“A thankless job?  And undignified slave?  No, a most exciting possibility of turning the tide, of saving the species [of family], of affecting history, of doing something that will be felt and heard in ever-widening circles.”

She speaks of our role as being perpetual relayers of truth, of creating an ecologically balanced environment, of being the formation centre of human relationships, of being the curator of the museum of family memories!  She talks of opening up the world of art and culture to our children, of creativity and music, of showing the beauty in the world around them and the work it takes to cultivate a garden.

I could go on and on.  Obviously.  I love this book.  I love the emphasis she puts on family.  I love the creativity she explains in creating one and cultivating hearts and making a museum of memories.  This book is where I got the name for this very blog.  Never static.  She says, “Family.  A human art form.  An ever-changing mobile that takes years, even generations, to produce.  But which is never finished.  Never Static.”

So when I saw this book on the shelf I knew I had to snatch it up to give to you.  As the day panned out, I found TWO copies!  Two!  What are the odds?  It made me positively giddy.

So I have two copies to give to two of you lovelies!

Just leave a comment below telling me what you love to do on a sunny day!  Apparently, judging by today,  I clean.  Hopefully you have something better!

Winners will be chosen (by random number selector) on Saturday March 7, 2015 so leave your comment before that!  And tell your friends, because if they win they might just let you borrow it!

**The fine print.  Winners must be in Canada or U.S.A simply because I can’t afford shipping costs any further than that.  Sorry international friends!  Also, as noted above this book is currently out of print which means these are used books.  They are in great condition but, as it is with used books, there may be some tattered corners and a few underlined sentences.  Which personally, I love.  But just so  you know.


6 thoughts on “A Make and Give {plant version} plus a GIVEAWAY!!

  1. On this sunny day we went on our third “Adventure” along Discovery Trail here in Abbotsford. Stopped in the middle to have a snack, then at the end to run around in a big field and take turns leading exercises. The ones my 3 year old come up with are terrific for making me look like a total fool in public, but that’s one of the freeing joys of parenting, right? 🙂

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  2. I love that idea with the cups!!! (Just one more fun idea to add to my crafty list) 🙂

    Sunny days….I love to go on walks, or (temperature permitting) sit in the hammock and watch the world (or the golfers) pass me by.

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