Happy {almost} Love Day!

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I admit there was a time when I needed to be showered with gifts.  They were the language of love to my very heart and soul and though I might state, most emphatically, that I don’t need anything – in the back of my heart and soul that just meant I really really REALLY needed something.

It’s funny how love grows and changes and we grow and change.  I use to sabotage these days by expecting the above and beyond.  Sometimes it happened and sometimes it didn’t.  I’d find a way to ruin it either way.

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But with Valentine’s Day knocking on our doorstep I got to thinking about what I really want.  I sent my hubs a quick text this morning that said something along the lines of, please don’t stress.  Flowers are triple the price and I’m not eating sugar just now and I don’t need any gifts that stress me out because, budget!

And I meant it.  From the bottom and top and every single side of my heart.

photo 2

I told him what I needed this year was to have coffee together in the morning as we sit by the fire and simply talk.  I want to cook a big and delicious breakfast for our growing boys and enjoy it together.  I want to spend the day just being.  Nothing different then any other Saturday except maybe peppered with a few more random kisses and the thoughts of doing the dishes or sweeping the floor or wiping the table so that the other person doesn’t have to.

As we’ve grown in our lives and in our love I’ve realized that what completely melts my heart these days are acts of service.  Make me coffee and I’ll melt.  Fill my truck up with gas so that I don’t have to get out in the rain and do it – well, that one just makes me swoon.  Strip the bed of all linens and throw them in the wash?  That one confused me last weekend and I thought maybe I’d neglected to do it recently and he noticed something about it that I hadn’t.  But no, he said he was being proactive.  Hello, if that isn’t love then I just don’t know what is!

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Don’t get me wrong, I still get just a touch sappy about the day and adorn the house with minimalist inspired hearts and cinnamon candies and red and white striped straws.

But what speaks to my heart has changed and I’m glad I was able to think that through and share it.  Does your love know what speaks to your heart?  If not, do them the favour of telling them so we don’t have to sabotage anymore!

And because I love YOU, here’s a recipe we’ll be making for breakfast tomorrow.  The most mouth watering, make your kitchen smell wonderful, even your kids with dietary restrictions can eat them waffles.  That take 5 minutes to mix.  THAT’s how much I love you.

Best waffle recipe ever!

Happy Love Day, Friends!

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2 thoughts on “Happy {almost} Love Day!

  1. We don’t celebrate holidays, but each day I watch for something to do for my husband, and delight in his thoughtfulness toward me. A path to greater joy in life.

    Thank you for brightening the day.


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