If/When You’re Hurting

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I had two friends who were particularly hurting this past weekend.  Two friends who don’t know each other at all.  Two friends who were each struggling in their own way, ironically one about the past and one about the future.  Two friends who are wise enough to know that you don’t have to feel quite so alone in the loneliness or the questions or the pain.  Two friends who knew enough to say to their tribe, “Come around me.  I can’t do this alone.”

If two of my friends were struggling on this one normal weekend I could only think that there have got to be many others too.  Maybe even some who are apart of this little online community thing we’ve got going on here.

If that’s you, I just wanted to say to you much the same thing I said to them.  Also, know that you’re not alone.  Two of my people are feeling it just now right along with you.

This is pretty much what I said to both of them and I want to say it to you too.  Because if you’re hurting or lonely or feeling a bit shaken, sometimes we just need to know that it’s okay.

 I want you to know that your feelings right now, in this moment, the ones that might feel anger, or an unbearable weight or hurt or incredibly frustrated.
Those are all allowed, dear one.
The ones that feel kind of empty just now, depleted even, maybe lonely. Allow those to be felt and to stream down your cheeks.
The ones that are feeling loss, perhaps in relationship or location or schools for your kids or friends or that family member or income, all of those. It’s okay to feel them.

Don’t bury them under the guise of happy Christian lady, okay?

Remember, even our dear Saviour mourned. Grieved. Wept. Asked that the cup might be taken from Him because the weight felt even too much for Him to bear.
Don’t feel like these emotions mean you aren’t trusting enough, or aren’t praying enough or aren’t – well, enough.

You are enough just now. However you feel. You are enough just now, because he can’t possibly love you more and would never dream of loving you less.

You are His. He is enough.

But in this very broken world, tragically broken world, let yourself feel all the feelings.   Don’t let them own you but do acknowledge them. Let them be known. Process and work and pray through each one.

Let the rest of us be your strength just now. Let our faith hold you up when you feel shakey and let our words petition our loving God for you when it feels too hard.

Lord knows I’ll need you to do the same for me one day.   And when I do, I hope you won’t just tell me it’s all going to be okay because this side of heaven, what really is.

He does have you though. In all of this.
That much I know to be true.


He has you too, friend.  He really does.


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