Just What You Need: More Internet Parenting Advice


Just What You Need: More Internet Parenting Advice. (You’re Welcome)


It only takes a few clicks of the fingers to find out how to be a better Mom.  The internet says so.  I know, because I just tried it.

Here’s what I learned from the internet about being a better Mom.  We should not let our children eat fast food and we should only serve local organic vegetables.  We need to teach our kids to stand up for themselves and we should never, ever, ever let our kids get away with hitting.  I learned that buying your children animal stuffies will help them get over their fears and we needn’t let our children have fears at all but rather lead them with bravery.  Fear shouldn’t be a part of their vocabulary, only strength.  Our daughters should, under no circumstance, wear bikinis or they’ll for sure be a provocative teenager.  I found 6 ways to stop yelling, 7 ways to teach independence, 49 ‘simple’ ways to get your toddler to nap and a multitude of letters that you must write to your child.  I learned of every danger out there for our children, including but certainly not limited to, video games, red dye, lack of routine,  the cinnamon challenge, eating canned tomatoes, too clean a house, playing with toy guns, allowing them to watch Disney movies and then there was something about making English muffin pizzas……to read the rest of this piece click here!


{ I’m over at Family Life today talking about being a Mom and how there are a million ways it might look and to encourage you in that you’re doing it the very best way for you!  You can read the rest here!  Mom, You know Best!}


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