Him, Not Me.


I was recently called perfect.  I snorted as gracefully as a woman can and laughed thinking to myself, “You clearly don’t know me very well!” The words have me a bit riled for a number of reasons, but mostly because it makes me feel like I’m portraying a very wrong message.

I’m not perfect in a thousand different ways.  I wake up early to pray but sometimes I flip through instagram instead.  I have myself convinced that I don’t NEED coffee in the morning because that would be an addiction and would show that my joy is in caffeine and not in Christ.  Everyone around me before I have that first cup? – They know that my joy is in caffeine but are too scared to tell me the truth.  I do not love my neighbor as much as I love myself.  This shows itself by exactly how I’m not cleaning their houses for them or making them dinner or purchasing them things like expensive boots.  I get angry when I make myself a delicious snack and then my kids want to eat it and I may have developed a habit of sending them outside to play before I dare make myself anything to eat.  I’m selfish and can be kind of full of myself.  I’m not patient or slow to speak and I just happen to question God from time to time……click here to finish reading.

{ I’m over at Family Life today talking about serving in your community and how it impacts our children.  You can head on over there to read the rest of my thoughts on Perfectionism and the Mistake of Thinking We’re Good.}


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