Topic Tuesday: Do you wear make-up everyday?

I’m going to just admit it right here.  I’ve become lazy!

I realized it on the weekend when I was in the city.  With no makeup on!

Let me back up.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am make up illiterate.  I have no idea how to ‘do’ my eyes or what blush colour is appropriate.  I don’t know if lipstick is back in or if we’re still just glossing.  I did not even know there was such a thing as CC cream or illuminator.

I’ve never been a big make up wearer but I’ve always tried just a bit.  I have oily skin so things like eyeliner tend to melt off my face by mid-day so I keep my regular make up routine to a minimum.  Powder. Mascara. Lip Gloss.  Done.

But in recent months I’ve noticed that if I’m just going to be at home I don’t even bother.  Because, why?  Then it became, well I’m just dropping the kids off and then heading home so why bother?  And then, I’m just dropping the kids off and grabbing some groceries and then heading home so why bother?

What this has morphed into is me heading into Vancouver for a lovely day of delicious coffee and excellent conversation with a bare face.  A bare face that I thought was appropriate!

I mean, until I was standing in the make up store with all the beautiful women around me and I glanced in the mirror surrounded with unforgiving light and I saw those bags under my eyes and I realized I did not look awesome!

Enter the most lovely girl with an Irish accent and the prettiest pink lipstick.  Oh, and a willingness to spend some time updating a 37 year old mom on the newest trends in make up and how it doesn’t have to feel make uppy!  Or look cakey!  Just pretty!!

I wondered if this is how the ‘letting yourself go’ spiral begins.  No make up.  Not caring what’s new in the world.  Suddenly I’m at Target in my pajamas with curlers in my hair!

I also had the realization that I still feel younger than I am and so it hurt my heart a bit to look in the mirror after the Irish gal dolled me up a bit and see that the concealer under my eyes really made a big difference.  And the colour corrector on my face?  Yeah, that should be an every day deal.  Even the illuminator to highlight some parts of my face that aren’t as young and fresh as they once were?  Yup.  Huge difference.

I’m pretty sure I wanted to be the girl that could leave home without make up and look amazing.  Turns out, that’s just not true!  Oh, how the truth hurts…

So I’m curious, do you wear make up every day?  Even if you’re just at home?  Do you know what CC cream is?  As you’re getting older are you concious about your skin and making sure it looks awesome even if your hubby is the only one to see it?

I’ve learned that I want to look awesome ESPECIALLY if my hubby is gonna see it!  Tell me your thoughts….


5 thoughts on “Topic Tuesday: Do you wear make-up everyday?

  1. I don’t wear make up everyday because it used to be too big of a deal for me…along the lines of not obsessing over my weight to the point of anorexia. However, I totally agree with you about looking fabulous for your husband! So on days when I do not put make up on in the morning, I try to put it on shortly before he comes home. It also communicates to the littles that Daddy is important! Btw, you are gorgeous. Seriously.


  2. Aw, thanks Kim! Flattery will get you everywhere! ha ha

    I had never thought of the flip side of make-up being too big of a deal because that’s just not me, so I hadn’t even considered it. But you raise a good point! Anything can become too important and when we see it as such it’s important that we take a step back and evaluate.

    This topic seems to be a theme in my conversations lately.
    p.s. I love that you put make-up on before your hubs gets home. Brilliant!


  3. Went in to the real world today and thought (with surprise and pleasure), “hey I don’t look like a crazy”.


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