Women’s Weekend in Simple Sentences.

Apparently I started this whole talk about going on a women’s weekend and now it’s my duty to give a recap.  The amount of texts I’ve received saying as much has forced me to recap here as I refuse to text anything that takes longer than one minute to type.

So here it is.  A first time women’s weekend attender’s guide to attending women’s weekends.  (And other observations I made along the way.)

It’s important to know who you are and what you can handle and be confident in both.

There are times to be brave and stretch yourself and times to just. walk. away.

There are SO many awesome people in the world and you can’t possibly know them all.

16 hours of small talk makes me want to poke my eyeballs out.

Photo booths weren’t just a thing of 2013.

You won’t naturally connect with everyone and that’s okay.

Sleeping in a room with many strangers is not my idea of a good time. (no matter how nice said strangers are)

I like my husband a lot.

Sugar is a problem among the female gender.

Most women worship leaders  sing at octaves I can’t. This is in no way their fault.

Just because I’m by myself doesn’t mean there’s something wrong.

God loves and understands the over sharers even if I don’t.

Sisterhood is a beautiful thing.

Camp food is meh.

Camp coffee doesn’t deserve to be called coffee.

Some women who think they’re really funny actually are.

I said some.

The phrase, “…because I’m a grown up!” is a useful one to have in your pocket and can help you out in a myriad of situations.  (ie. Why are you wearing a dress?  Why aren’t you participating in your cabin skit?  Why aren’t you giggling at my fart?)

Crying was definitely optional.

Silence may be an idol for me.

Women are craving community yet there was a noticeable demographic missing from the event.  This one has my mind reeling.

And lastly, you will know your people by their shoes!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.53.04 AM

And now, excuse me.  I’m spending the entire day detoxing with silence and smoothies and massive hugs from the men and boys in my life who are allowed to give ’em.


2 thoughts on “Women’s Weekend in Simple Sentences.

  1. Thanks, Rhonda! I was wondering how it went for you! I can totally relate to a lot of those points above! (Ok, too many exclamation points) One thing I have learned about myself in recent years is to accept that I am an introvert, and although I love people I have become perfectly OK at allowing myself time alone to recharge. I attended my Pampered Chef spring convention this lasts weekend, which also involves mass quantities of women. Certain people in our group had been giving me a hard time because due to a last min cancelation by my lone roommate, I did not want to cram into a room with 4 other pseudo strangers and have one sleeping on the floor, so despite the fact that it did indeed cost me a bit more money, I reserved my own room shared with no one! I was able to retreat to my room when I had enough of crazy people, got a pretty decent night sleep and thoroughly enjoyed the conference because of it. If I had forced myself to comply to what THEY felt I should do, I think I would have been stressed and miserable the whole time! Although I do think it healthy to stretch and challenge yourself at times I’ve come to realize I don’t always have to do it on someone else’s terms and I can still grow as a person! Glad you & I both survived our weekends! 🙂


  2. The recharge time is so important, Lara! I know that full well. I think you were incredibly wise (and know yourself well) to have your own room!
    I know people say you miss out on the shenanigans but I’m not one who feels the need to always be a part of everything so I think I’d be fine with it.
    The important part is we survived and we learned. The questions is, will we return?!


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