New journey’s for me and a way for you to be a part of it

I had a meeting this week.  In fact, two of them but I’m only here to talk about one just now.   The other will be a post all its own.

First of all, I’m not a meeting girl.  Meeting aren’t something that happen in my life.  I have appointments.  Not meetings.  So two in one week?  Yowsa!

At the end of the meeting, my meetee (the person I was meeting with?  New word?  I like it.)  said, “I’ve seen this in the works for the last year!”

Which is sort of funny because for the last year I haven’t seen it at all.  But upon her stating it and me reflecting back I could she that her statement was so true.  This has been in the works for a year.  I just didn’t know it.

Isn’t that how God works sometimes though?  Without us even knowing.  We pray and we explore avenues and we go about life doing what we do and sometimes we even wonder where on earth He is.  Why He’s not showing us where we should be.  Why He’s not making big things happen in our little lives.

But then something big does happen and in the looking back you can see that He’s been whispering all the way through it.  At every point, each turn, each decision.  He did hear the prayers and He was working, we just didn’t know where it would all end up!

Okay, I’ll get to the point.  I have a new title!  A new position!   And all of it comes with a new journey that I’m both excited and nervous to embark on….

I am officially in charge of all the  Gift in Kind donations for a youth wellness centre in Abbotsford!  I dare you to put that on my name tag!

Basically the deal is this, there are a lot of homeless youth in our small city.  There are more youth than I care to think about aging out of the foster system.  There are youth that are having babies of their own.  All of these are somehow expected to make their way, build a life, and find their footing in this world on their own.  This wellness center is designed to help.

My role will be to sit down with youth and talk about what they need.  Dishes?  Clothes?  A bed?  Sleepers for their baby?  A pan to cook in?  Whatever it may be, they are free to ask and I will, in turn, try to help them out through the donations we’ve previously taken in or by using my circle of influence to scrounge up more donations if we don’t have on hand what someone is in need of.

I’m so super excited about this new journey.  I’m excited to help out in our community in a way that is so needed.  I’m excited to use my gifts to serve these youth who have so little.  I’m excited to build relationships with these kiddo’s over the next few months and hopefully years! I’m excited to help them try on a new dress and tell them how gorgeous they look in it!  To deliver grocery store gift cards when they’re hungry or a couch when they’re use to just sitting on the floor!  The possibilities are endless!!  However…

I can’t do this job on my own.  If I tried I’d run out of things to give these youth in about a week.  This, my friends, is where you come in.  I don’t think I ask much of you, but this time, I totally am!

If you’re local and if you’re interested in helping out, I would be so grateful.  Those running the center would be so grateful.  Most of all, these youth would be so SO grateful!

We’ve had a storage unit donated where we can keep things until we can get them to the youth who need it.  I’m praying that God would guide the kids, that they would come and ask when they need and I’m praying that God would guide some of you who have much, to give what you can.

Will you keep us in mind?  When you’re cleaning out your closets?  When you’re reorganizing your cupboards?  When you’ve got those extra things that you just don’t know what to do with?  Would you let me know?

I’m so excited to have this chance to be the liason between the givers and the receivers.  I got to be a part of this in just a small way over Christmas and it was truly beautiful to watch.  I can’t believe I have the privilege of doing it again!

Pray for me in this new journey, friends? I’m so thankful for you and that I can even ask.  You all rock!


4 thoughts on “New journey’s for me and a way for you to be a part of it

  1. Wow, Rhonda this is so exciting. I will be praying for you, and anything we find we don’t need I will put aside. Young Adults coming out of the foster system without support breaks my heart. I’m so excited for you to have a part in helping at this crucial time.


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