Bits of Christmas

I don’t know what the deal is but this year we’re just so content.  I wish I could  bottle this feeling up and put a bow on it and gift  it back to myself next year cause I can only imagine this can’t last year after year.

Most years I crave new decorations and glitter.  More twinkle and more sparkle.  But this year we’re just sticking with what we’ve got and loving every little bit of it.

There’s something calm about the familiar and something cozy about little bits of Christmas just peeking into your life instead of overshadowing your very existence.

It’s looking a bit like wonky tree tops and decorating with his hood up.  It’s always up and I’m gonna miss it the day he decides to put it down.  It’s wooden Christmas trees made a decade ago by the grandparents,


IMG_9440It’s nut crackers guarding the piano making sure that everyone practices as long as they’re supposed to and others just keeping and eye on the books we’re reading just now.  By a rusty old door knob.  Cause that’s totally normal.


IMG_9465It’s photo bombing while Mom tries to take pictures for her blog and making her laugh with every new pose and it’s the three measly snowflakes we managed to cut this year,

IMG_9451 IMG_9460

It’s touches of red and white ribbon placed in jars and baskets full of cozy and stockings that have been hung and filled with care.  By me.  Not Santa.  Which is why mine’s the empty one.  Or I was naughty.  Whatevs.



Its homemade decorations.  Christmas balls  or AMAZE BALLS, as we like to call them (tutorial to come soon) and a wreath of out music sheets (tutorial already here) and lovely photos of our friends strung up for all to see.  Look closely!  We have some amazing friends!!IMG_9475




and it’s as simple as three little bells and a jug stuffed with branches stolen borrowed trimmed helpfully off the neighbours tree!IMG_9489It hasn’t taken a whole lot to feel festive around here and we’re anticipating with great joy the actual celebration on THE day.  But until then we’re watching Charlie Brown and The Grinch and listening to Harry Connick Jr.  We’re reading books by the fire and wrapping presents to put under the tree.

It doesn’t take much.  It just takes what you have plus a little bit of heart.  It takes seeing Christ in all and therefore feeling Christmas in all. It’s being thankful for what you have and using it for His glory.  Being thankful for Jesus and sharing that in your home and with your life.

Merry Christmas!




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