A long story and a quick DIY {bath salts}

Something happens to me in the late evening after I settle down for the day and finally get a chance to sit and just be.  It’s once the kids are fairly calm and all tasks have been accomplished.  When I snuggle up into my favourite reading chair by the fire or cozy up on the couch for an episode of Downton Abby (for the 17th time) or crawl straight into bed with my phone.

As soon as I’m not doing anything something comes alive in my legs and they get squirmy.  It’s this weird restless feeling where you feel like you need to stretch your leg muscles or scratch underneath your skin or just get back up and start doing something again because then it feels all better.

Hear me when I say how incredibly frustrating it is that when you finally get a chance to sit down and relax your legs just won’t cooperate with you.  After a bit of googling I realized that this is actually a thing.  It’s called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and my 10 year old is now fearful that I might die from it.  Once something has a name apparently he thinks its deadly.  I’m hoping he’s incorrect.

I knew this was what I had when I read, “sometimes the sensations seem to defy description.”  Yes!  And then, ” They do, however, consistently describe the desire to move or handle their legs.”  That.  That right there.  That is IT!

There are many factors that cause RLS but I’m attributing mine to low iron which has notoriously been an issue for me.

Then I did what any self-diagnosing internet searcher would do – I googled, “what should I do about it?”

The simplest answer was to take a bath in the evening to calm the nerves in your legs.  Twist my arm.  Can you picture the conversation with my 3 hooligan boys.  No really, mom has to take a bath.  It’s medically necessary.  You’re going to have to finish cleaning up dinner on your own and get at your homework.  Yes I’m going to be in there for a really long time.  You want me to get better don’t you?  No, you may not yell at me through the door or I have to start my time all over again.  Yes I’m taking a book with me.  Yes a cup of tea too.  My phone?  Oh, that’s just for emergencies.

After more searching and wikipedia pilfering I decided that I should add epsom salts to my bath because if I’m gonna do this thing, y’know?

Here’s what I learned about that.  Bathing in epsom salts for 12 minutes can help:

  • improve circulation and lower blood pressure
  • flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells
  • improve nerve function
  • relieve stress
  • relieve pain and muscle cramps
  • ease migraines

The list goes on but the bottom line really was, why wouldn’t I?  So I pounded my fingers on the keyboard some more and I came up with some delicious sounding recipes for bath salts and THAT my friends, is what I’m hear to share with you.  My little project du jour.  That 500 word back story?  That’s just because I thought you might be bored and want something to do.

If you’re really bored, however, whip some of this concoction up!  It’s loverly.

IMG_9374This is what you need.  They sell it in the natural aisle or with the pharmaceuticals at any grocery store.  You’ll also need coarse sea salt and baking soda.

IMG_9377The ratio is one part baking soda to three parts epsom salts to 6 parts sea salt.

IMG_9386Mix these three ingredients together until combined evenly.  Then the yumminess begins.

IMG_9390Grab your favourite bottles of essential oils and mix away.  I made Lavender and Orange.  Add enough to lightly scent your salts and mix mix mix to combine it all the way through.  It depends how big of a batch you make as to how much you’ll need.  I started with 6 drops of each and then adjusted from there to my liking.  (ie. more orange than lavender)IMG_9391

IMG_9395I added a few drops of food colouring to give it a slightly orange tinge and then popped it into a little jar to keep it free from moisture until it’s all used up.  If you’re feeling ambitious you can add a little twine and a pine cone too.

The results are fantastic.  My bath smelled divine and my skin came out super soft.  Oh, and no restless legs followed, for the win!



3 thoughts on “A long story and a quick DIY {bath salts}

  1. Oh Rhonda!! I’ve been suffering from RLS for 25 plus years!! It’s the worst thing EVER!!! I could literally chew my legs off. It happens to me a lot when i’m stuck, like a passenger in a car or at a movie theatre. One time I thought I was going to rip through the car floor! I ended up ripping the rug out of its hinges! It has definitely gotten better, but diet has a lot to do with it. Hang in there! The epsom salts are very good for it and you!


  2. Angie, you’re welcome 🙂
    And Linda, the movie theatre is the worst! Theres no escape! I almost never go just because the trapped feeling my legs feel. I so get you on that one.


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