I want to be a hippy but…

One look in my cupboards and you would know.  Raw sugar.  Nuts and seeds in jars.  Natural peanut butter.  Grinding my own flours.

One look under the sink and you’d know.  Homemade all purpose cleaner.  Natural dish soap.  Natural laundry detergent.  Norwex cloths.  I swear there is not a bottle of windex to be found in this house.

If you check the bathroom it’s sulfate free shampoo that is only used once weekly.  Hand soap that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.  No razor anywhere.  (I kid!  I’m not THAT hippy!)

I try to live naturally for a few reasons.  One is that it’s just plain old better for us.  Two is that it’s better for the earth that God gave us.  And three, natural stuff just comes in better packaging so it looks better on my shelves!  (judge away.  like you’ve never bought anything just for the label.)

This was all fine and dandy until about a week ago when I was with some girlfriends.  We were sitting around chatting about the important stuff.  You know, daughters that are dating, the Kardashian who wore the dress out of couch fabric and just how much candy we sneak after our children are tucked into bed.  Then it got a little meatier.  Heavy, even.  Friends, we entered the world of cleaning products.

I gave a gasp when I heard words like windex and I downright glared at the very mention of this something or other called scrubbing bubbles?!  I held my head high as I threw out Norwex and Seventh Generation and my lack of fabric softening sheets!

But something happened in me.  Something started to squirm in my guts and I knew they were right.  There bath tubs were cleaner than mine were.

I headed home and stood in my bathroom and inspected the once white tiles that now had a pinkish tinge to it and the bluish colored ring around the bottom of the tub that, no matter how hard I scrubbed, just would not come out.

They were right.  My natural products don’t really do the trick.  Sure, for an everyday wipe of a counter they’re great but for those deep cleans they really kinda suck.

Now I realize I’m about to lose a whole lot of hippy cred with this admission but I’m okay with it – for the sake of honesty.

I did it, friends.

I marched into the cleaning section and I bought a bottle of scrubbing bubbles (gasp)  with bleach (I know!!!).  And once that first bottle was in the cart that was it.  I turned into a maniac.  I grabbed one of those toilet duck thingies (with bleach!) and some tile spray number (with bleach!) and I was feeling so happy I even chucked a pack of swiffers into my basket so as to put aside the tediousness of the mop and bucket just once, for the love!

I then grabbed a magazine and placed it on top of all of my cleaning products so that no one in the store would see me with such a basket of shame.  Of course I used the self check out.  Double bagged.  And ran out of the store.

When I got home, it was on.  I started that fan in the bathroom and I opened all the windows and I started to spray and soak and foam and scrub and I didn’t stop until my eyes were stinging and I had to hold my breath until I could run to the window and take a huge breath of fresh air and then dive back in for more.

I did make the kids go outside to play.  I wouldn’t dare let them breathe in what I was.  I forgot to put the dog out though and only remembered when he started sputtering.  I hope I didn’t poison him.

When someone ran in to use the bathroom I ordered them back outside but it was too late.  They’d already caught a smell and were moaning  about what on earth I was doing.

Why am I telling this story and ruining my all-natural reputation, you ask?  Because, my friends, my bathroom is clean!  Like so clean I would lick the tiles in the shower!  (well, maybe not.  that was some harsh spray I put on there!)  It is white and it is sparkly and it hasn’t looked so good since we first moved in.

I don’t want to make this a regular habit or anything.  I’ll stick with my earth friendly options for the most part but I have to tell ya, those chemicals, they really work.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be back in the rotation every few months.  There’s just something about that teary eyed, throat choked feeling that tells me it’s really clean and clean makes me happy!

p.s.  I’m not recommending you do this.  if you’re happy with your sort of dirty tub and that ring in the toilet I don’t judge one bit!  besides, i’m pretty sure you will live longer than me for it!


2 thoughts on “I want to be a hippy but…

  1. ha ha ha! I actually don’t wear deodorant. It’s sort of crazy but I just stopped and asked everyone I knew for 2 months if I stunk and everyone assured me no. So I think I’m lucky in that sense cause apparently I just don’t need it.

    I think we all have our things but if we’re doing the best we can with what we have – yay!


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