I prefer the term ‘earn’ over ‘bribe’.

We haven’t done the trick or treating thing for years but for some reason last night, as the skies started to darken and a cute little monkey rang our doorbell, all of the boys decided that they wanted to go.


We have no costumes.

So we ran around the house for about 10 minutes pulling things out of drawers and closets trying to turn them into something.

It went something like “I found a beret!  Tuck a paint brush behind your ear and be a french artist!”  and, “Here’s a  black hat.  C’mere, I’ll give you a moutache, grab a cane and you’ll be Charlie Chaplin.”

It was a mish mash of creativity and was pretty awesome.  All three boys looked unique and homemade and just a little wonky, which is pretty much how I like it.

Little only made it 3 houses before remembering why we quit doing this in the first place but the other two did the whole street and came home with a decent stash.

Now the question of the hour is what on earth do we do to ration all this candy?

We haven’t had to deal with this since they were little and back then after 3 days they forgot about it and we ate the rest.  Or snuck it with us into the movies for our treat.  Y’know, classy stuff like that.  But this year they’re big and they know exactly how much they have and they want to eat it all. the. time!  (I can’t blame them.  So do I!)

So I came up with a plan this morning.  A sort of system that I feel might work.  I told them they could earn candy by eating fruits and veggies!  ha ha  So if they have 5 slices of cucumber they get one candy.  If they eat a whole apple they get 3.  If they have a smoothie in a big glass with spinach they get 5!

So far so good.  They’re downing veggies (and candy) like there’s no tomorrow.  I figure the two might sort of balance each other out!

What about you?  What do you do with all your kids candy?  Ration?  Moderate?  Gorge yourself silly while they’re sleeping?

3 thoughts on “I prefer the term ‘earn’ over ‘bribe’.

  1. I heard someone describe the difference between bribe and earn, or as they called it, reward. Bribing is giving someone something with the expectation that they will do something you want them to (think, polititians); rewarding is when someone receives something for doingwhat they were supposed to (think, pay check).


  2. Our dentist told me that very thing when my kids were little, Amy. I guess many kids are ‘snackers’ and it can contribute to tooth decay. However, my kids now want their candy to last and are old enough to know better than to eat it all in one night. They’re happy with a bit at a time so the best way I could figure was to reward them for eating what is good first!

    I like that, Caran! So I actually am rewarding and not bribing because they should be eating their veggies anyways!!


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