About those ads and a photoshoot. The two completely unrelated. {5 x 12}

First of all, can I just say that I am not responsible for the ads that are at the bottom of my blog?  ‘Cause I’m not.

I’d truly never paid attention to them before but I’ve been asked about them a few times in the past weeks so I thought it only fair that I let you know that I get no cashola from them.  Nor do I choose what’s there.  Which I hope you could ascertain given the content.  They’re simply there because I don’t pay for this here li’l blog.  It’s a freebie site so there are ads to make revenue for the company.  Fair, I suppose.

I just wanted to let you know that I am not lining my pockets by you clicking them.  If I was surely I could hire a photographer to take our family photos and not have to set the timer and run.  Or enlist my mom to push the shutter button as was the case below.

So without further ado I invite you to a little 5 people, 12 times session.    This is our 6th one of the year.  We’re in the 10th month.  I’ll let you do the math on how this thing is gonna end.

Mail AttachmentSome of you also asked how we do these dealies.  Like get everyone out and cooperative and end up with decent shots.  I assure you the one good shot comes in the midst of a whole pile of ones more like this….

Mail Attachment

Mail Attachment There’s also usually some form of bribery involved.  It’s my secret parenting tactic.  Give them candy and they’ll do what you want.  You’re welcome.  Even still there’s a collective groan when I announce something like, “Everyone’s dressed!  We’re taking a family photo! Quick before someone takes their pants off!”

And let’s be honest, some of you who are thinking, “Her kids are big.  This is easy for her.”  Yeah – NO!  Every single session has had some sort of are you kidding me moment where someone decides they’re not doing this and crosses their arms and pouts.  We shoot the parental glare that we’ve perfected over the past 14 years and then somehow we all leave sort of happy.  Mostly because they’ve been released with chocolate.  And I’m recovering with chocolate.

I keep telling myself we’ll appreciate having these so much later.  I will, right?




4 thoughts on “About those ads and a photoshoot. The two completely unrelated. {5 x 12}

  1. Love all the pics…I definitely relate. We did pics a couple weeks ago. My fav is the parental growl “sit still, be quiet, and smile!!!” Family life is awesome!


  2. Your first pic made me say “Awwwwww” and the other two just made me nod my head in acknowledgement and with a sense of “oh ya… I totally get that”. Love you guys.


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