Topic Tuesday: Are you a vitamin aficionado or a slacker like me?

I think it generally occurs when we send our munchkins back to school.  The sudden outbursts of sneezing, sniffly noses and scratchy throats, that is.

But this year we fended it off – until Dad brought it home!

Each year around this time, those of us that may work or go to school or just happen to have to spend a lot of time indoors with other people, spread germs like wild fire.  It doesn’t seem to matter what we do, they come.  Sometimes with more of a vengeance than others but even those little sniffles drive me mad.  The incessant sniiiiiif, sniiiiif, sniiiiiif.  I just can’t STAND it!

We try all the usuals to keep the germs at bay.  We wash our hands as soon as we get home from school.  We remind the littles not to put one little thing in their mouths without washing – no matter what!  We try not to touch our faces, cough into our arms, yada yada yada.

We also try to eat nutrient rich food to keep our immune systems strong but one thing we’ve never been great at is vitamins.  We go through vitamin phases where I get all amped up about ’em and load everyone up for a month or two but then we forget.  Or we run out.  Or I just don’t feel like swallowing huge pills.  We’ve always got the tried and true Vitamin C in the house but that can’t be enough for growing boys and aging bodies!  I feel like we need lessons in this.  The take-this-with-food and don’t-take-this-with-calcium and you-need-this-to-absorb-that rules are endless and I would definitely take a class on it if it was offered!  (It probably is, if you hear of one, tell me!)

So I want to know what you do with your family!  Help a girl out!

What vitamins are non-negotiable in your house?  Which ones do you phase in and out?  Is there a particular brand you love?  Are you an omega 3 popper?  A multi-vitamin guru?  Or do you not buy into what may be a myth!  Tell me and teach me your ways, oh wise ones!

One thought on “Topic Tuesday: Are you a vitamin aficionado or a slacker like me?

  1. A couple years ago I started my girls and I taking probiotic supplements. And although my youngest has had her share of sickness this year (two ear infections- it’s her first year in school), in general the three of us have had fewer colds and less severe than we had before we started taking the probiotics. I don’t do it every day, just a once or twice a week seems to be OK for us.


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