When life gives you lemons go pick some apples.

I’m a having a day.  I know you know the one because you’ve had it too.  Where you’re just sort of blah.

There’s no skip in my step and no twinkle in my eye and I’d say that life has handed me lemons but I sort of like lemons (they’re pretty and bright and perfectly yellow) so the cliche is lost on me.

I thought about cleaning the house but for some reason today it feels better to have crumbs on the floor and quilts strewn across the living room.  It feels better to have a gaggle of shoes overtaking the front entrance instead of having them all lined in the closet in a row because these things scream, “A family lives here!”

And a family does, in fact, live here.  Just none of them are home right now.

Emotion is a strange beast.  Some of us rely too heavily on it while others push it much too far away.  Very rarely do you find that perfect balance of feeling plus logic that we strive for.

I don’t know what you do on a melancholy day but I tend to drink a lot of tea.  And read.  And think of all the beautiful things my kids have said and done in their entire lifetime.  Their little baby eyelashes and the forts built out of every spare sheet in the house.

I think about my husband and the way he grabs a skateboard the second he gets out of his car after a long day of work and rides around the cul de sac with the kids.  I think about how blessed I am to have french doors and striped blankets and rain boots that make my friend laugh.  True story.


We also made the collective decision that when life hands you lemons you should go pick some apples.  So we did.



It’s amazing what happens when you get outside of yourself for just a little bit, isn’t it?  The second the littles (I feel like the time is coming where I have to stop calling them that *sniff*) came home I had other things to think about and other people to think about and the emotion of the day, quite simply, changed.  It became less about me and more about them.

And then it became about the search for the perfect Honeycrisp.




As quickly as my melancholy state came it vanished.  As soon as I stopped thinking about the bad and started focusing on the good, everything changed.

We know this, right?  That focusing on the blessings, the treasures, the little things, these bring us joy.  So, why do we lose sight so quickly?  Why do we forget so fast?  Why are the “you know what sucks…” the first to come out of our mouths?  Ah, this whole being human thing.  It’s tricky business.


_MG_2591I don’t know what your day held.  Was it the best one ever or possibly the worst?  Was it wearisome or exhausting or totally freaking awesome?  If it was a little like mine I dare you to just have a look around.  See the world. Your kids. A good dose of colour.



‘Cause it’s out there.  The beauty.  The good.  The totally freaking awesome.  Some days we just have to look a little harder but it’s there.  Open your eyes and go find it.  I dare you.



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