The not-so-great escape.

Life is never dull ’round these parts and I try to tell myself that I wouldn’t want it any other way.  It’s a lie, of course.  But I tell myself that anyways!

Saturday afternoon was a mix of work and more work.  Lawns to mow, gardens to water, laundry to do, floors to sweep and a general mish mash of stuff that had been avoided all week.  So we set to it, we being the grown ups of the house, and left the littles to their own devices.

A certain someone decided that he would this time to make his hamster a bit more of a palace than he already had.  He has a basic cage but there are spots where you can add on tunnels and tubes and more ‘play places’ for the little fluff ball.  Of course, these are all expensive and the littles have already spent all their money on the important stuff.  Candy and video games.

So he set to work with plastic piping and cardboard boxes.  It kept him busy for a long time and the mess kept me busy for just as long afterward.  But he was proud of his work and excited to have made his little pet a castle to roam.

The problem came when we were heading out that evening.  I announced that the addition needed to be taken off and he needed to be put in his cage.

What followed was something like this.

Whaaaaaat?   *insert whiney voice*

Whyyyyyy?  *insert voice of a victim of injustice*

Well then I wasted my whole afternoon on something that’s garbage!  *insert voice of baby of the child manipulation tactics that never work*

I tried to explain that the tubes and boxes weren’t enough to house him while we were out but they were a great play place for him while we were home. Still not happy.  Dad entered the scene, added some bungee cords and decided that it would be fine.  No big deal.

That’s a record score of zero for me and 1 for the loving pet owner.

We leave the house at 8:30 pm.  A rarity in these parts.  Everyone knows I don’t go out after dark.  ha!  But this was special.  The movie that my husband had poured the last 2 years of his life into was opening this weekend and we were heading out to see it.  Well, me and the hubs were, the kids were going to babysit some other littles while we were out and we would all return home sometime around 1:30 am.

As a shameless plug and an aside, go see Elysium.  But don’t tell anyone I told you to because there are lots of curse words and a few heads being blown up and I heard a rumour that some of Matt Damon’s abs were painted in so that was a little disappointing but the ships and the droids?  Fantastic.  Amazing.  Incredible.  Also the work of my love.  *swoon*

Anyways, we roll in late and crawl into bed and sleep until the very last second possible before we have to rush around the house in a frenzy to get ready for church.  When I go into the boys room I have a little peak in Fluffy’s cage.  ahem.  He’s not there.  So I check the box and the little house hiding places that were crafted just for him.  erm, also not there.


Lights get flipped on and bellows of, “We have a hamster on the loose!” get thrown out and within minutes everyone is out of bed and frantically searching and of course one little one is in tears.  There are many MANY, “I’m sorry Mom’s” and even more, “You were rights” but I tried not to gloat.  (on the outside, at least)

Turns out that our little critter had a busy night.  There was evidence (read: poop) in a corner of almost every room.  We hunted and searched but to no avail.  If you don’t know, hamsters are nocturnal so our searching was really in vain.  If Fluffy was still in this house then he probably had a cozy place to sleep and was not coming out for 12 hours or so.

I looked up a few tips online and one we deemed brilliant the moment we saw it.  You should really remember this in case you’re ever needing to catch a hamster or if you just like random bits of knowledge that you’ll likely never use.

We collected his treats and some yarn and set to work tying long strings to each of his treat balls.  We left one in each room and we went about our day.  By nightfall there was still no scurry sounds or food missing so we crawled into bed, none of us saying that he might be gone, but all of us thinking it nonetheless.

Little had asked me if we could get up in the middle of the night and do a search.  It’s summer so I obliged.  I woke up at 2:46 am and went and nudged my sleeping stinker.  (sleeping beauty is just too far of a stretch)  We started checking rooms one by one and as he headed down the hall the little munchkin gasped.

“Mom, look!”

And sure enough the treat was gone and there was a long, red piece of yarn sticking out from behind the piano.  I couldn’t believe it.  All I could think was, “Are you kidding me?  Whoever came up with that idea is a genius!”

We followed the yarn trail and it led to a little hole in the back of the piano.  We gathered the troops and made a sleepy human barricade in case the little rodent decided to bolt but he didn’t.  We pulled the treat out and placed it just at the edge of the piano and then my little called in the cutest little voice, “Fluuuuuffffyyy.  C’mon out fluffy.”

And you know what?  Fluffy did!

There was a joyous celebration and uproarious cheers and my husband and I just looked at each other in amazement.

You’ll be glad to know that Fluffy is safe back in his very appropriate and plain old cage.  You’ll also be glad to know we all slept until 10 the next morning.  (sorry honey!)


2 thoughts on “The not-so-great escape.

  1. I felt like I was reading a great little vignette of hilarity. Loved it. So glad all is right with your littles world again. 😉


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