5×12 {5 People.12 Times.} Volume 4

It’s been an adventurous summer, to say the least.  It’s how we like to do our days off around here.  We never ever go on summer vacation further than an hour away and yet we explore and climb and find new things every single year.

We’re also not big on paying a lot for things.   Plus my boys are passed the age of zoo’s and aquariums so…

We’ve done our regular fave’s.  Local camping and ice cream at Birchwood Dairy, where my boys went over to the cows personally and thanked them for making such tastey ice cream.  I’m so thankful that its normal where we live to actually be able to see the cows that give you your milk and ice cream!

We also discovered a new place that our boys have been begging to go back to even though we were only there 4 days ago.  Lynn Valley Canyon.  It’s a gorgeous forested park with a suspension bridge!  There are trails to hike and routes that you can choose to accomodate everyone.  Some are 20 minutes and some are 2 hours.  We chose a 20 minuter because it ended at the waterfalls and what we discovered was a place my boys played for hours.  Freezing cold water, huge rocks to climb, pools to swim in and little fish to try and catch.  They loved every second of it and it was totally free!

Last year we also started doing a summer snowboard session at Mt. Baker.  It’s closed for the season but the landscape is gorgeous.  Underneath the chairlifts are gorgeous wild flowers and trails and creeks to explore, which are all fine and dandy for a bit but for our crew it’s not quite enough.  We discovered that if you drive just as far as you can there is still snow on the top in the middle of summer!  So we bring our snowboards and a shovel along, our t-shirts and our snow pants, and we hike and the boys build a jump and we spend the afternoon riding the mountain in the sun.  Well, a little patch of the mountain!  It has easily become one of their favourite things because who doesn’t love a good snowball fight in August?

While we were up there I warned them that we were doing a family picture!  They obliged after they were done riding.  So we’re a bit messy, some of us are in snow pants and I forgot to take my sunglasses off but it’s 5 of us and that’s what counts!!




2 thoughts on “5×12 {5 People.12 Times.} Volume 4

  1. Wow. Gorgeous setting…but you know I’m a sucker for those mountains!!! I like you guys quite a bit too. Hehe


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